Happy sunday/monday friends! I’m currently sitting at my friend’s house in Asheville, surrounded by people I love. It’s pretty rad. We’ve had a really good short weekend. Well, a longer weekend, but short vacation. Tonight is our last night and we’re joined together with Alex making pizza, the girls are playing, and we’re randomly talking about placenta encapsulation— who knows. Good times. We head out tomorrow afternoon– back to the land of lush green things and coconuts. But for now: pizza and friends! Oh and I even drank a bit too again! This was a special occasion after all 😉 Anyway….

Sometimes it’s super hard for me to turn down perfectly good furniture– even when we don’t need it. We removed the bench we had along our little corridor (if you can even call it that) because it sat there unused and unnecessary. It was cute with the makeover it had, but I was happy to send it off with a moving friend. Alex and I discussed creating a rotating art piece of sorts or buying an imported Indian cabinet— we even drooled over a few online and in person. But we could never pull the trigger, because well, we never really needed one— just wanted one. I’m sure you know how that goes. We like to stay on the practical side (usually). But like I said, sometimes it’s hard for me to turn down perfectly good furniture– especially when I can see a re-model asking to happen. (One of my favorite re-models is still Marlowe’s little cabinet).

Well, my dad + step mom recently re-did their (practically entire) entire house– and with that re-do they said good bye to a few pieces. This hutch included– a piece I watched sit there for years and years… and years. And right away, I could see a bright and sunny little piece to add to our home. I didn’t know what I would necessarily put in it– and to be honest, most of it is still empty, but I took it in, gave it some love (marlowe too) and now it’s the cutest little up-cycle sitting in our home.

Since it’s sitting directly across from our bar, we decided it would be best to add our barware glasses to the cabinet— and a thrifted picnic wine tote too. The blue votive holders will probably move, but for now their a nice pop of color. This is good because I couldn’t reach the glasses in the kitchen before haha.

Cute touch to our home, right? Speaking of which— we’re always slightly tweaking things around here. Hoping to do an updated home tour on a few spaces soon 🙂

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and have an even better week ahead! <3<3


  1. I love this! You just inspired me to re-paint a small wicker shelf I have in my living room. It needs to be this color. I just recently realized that I love pops of bright yellow, and now I know just what to do! Would you mind sharing what color paint you used??

    • you know, it would have been smart of me to take note of the paint color I used. I really have no freaking idea. IT was one of the no VOC one's from Home Depot– that's all I know 🙁 Sorry!!

  2. You have such a unique touch, Drea. It's refreshing to see everything you create.


  3. What did you use to paint that? I have a bookcase I love but it needs a little boost 🙂

    • I'm such a flake sometimes– I totally forgot to take note. All I know is it was a non-VOC paint from home deport. And I believe I got it in the semi glaze, but I could be wrong. I'm sorry!