So I know I mentioned I had some friends visiting right before heading off to Asheville. Last month was really non stop for me. This month, well, I’ve been a bit sicky, and happily taking it much easier. But by taking it easier– I dont really mean laying in bed. I freaking hate lying in bed all day! I go stir crazy waaaaay to quick. I did a lifetimes worth of lying in bed last year and I have no interest in doing it again. So even while taking it easy, I’m trying to be more active around the house with really simple, but gratifying things– like, fermenting, de-cluttering, rearranging, whatever! — you know, the important stuff 😉

I’m always happy to have friends visiting. Sometimes I (try to) plan a lot of activities, sometimes I don’t plan many at all. We’re not a raging city over here in west palm beach, but there is some nice stuff around. So I figured I could show you a few pictures of what it might maybe look like if you came to visit for a few days. Some of these photos I stole from Erica, who did come stay here for four(ish?) days last month.

You might show up at my house where it looks like a unicorn puked rainbows all over my yard. You know, because at any given time there might be the most random thing ever going on.

You’ll then probably meet Marlowe— who will not talk to you (out of shyness) for a good bit, but then (might) will warm up to you and ask you, “do you want to play with me?” She’ll then at some point manipulate you into playing non stop (but you’ll enjoy it unless you hate kids) and she’ll somehow convince you to play videos for her on your phone. She’s good at that with everyone– everyone except her parents.

On the days Alex doesn’t offer to make breakfast, I’ll probably serve you oatmeal with a bunch of weird green stuff and other toppings because, “EAT IT. IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR POOP.” Speaking of poop, you will also more than likely talk about poop on a few occasions with me because we should all be concerned about our bowel movements, it’s totally natural AND important.

9 times our of 10, I’ll take you to Miami. Because there’s rainbows there.

Then I’ll convince you to break in somewhere— cause I’m a badass.

Except actually the owner gave me the code— so I’m not really a badass at all— just someone who loves a good non public garden. 😉

Then if you happen to be like Erica and absolutely hate the beach, you’ll catch me awkwardly staring at this wall pretending it’s the beach. I mean, I get it, sand is messy, but like, sunshine? No? If you like the beach, then pretend this is the beach— a topless beach.

I’ll recommend we try places I haven’t been to before– because thats the best time to try new things, right? Unless the place are absolutely terrible, in which case I’m sorry for the terrible suggestion, friend.

You can watch me tackle my kid to the ground like football player. 

I’ll feed you more healthy non oatmeal things– because I really eat some variation of a veggie bowl everyday…. and maybe everyone in the world should too. Cause food in bowls (or on toast, but I can’t eat toast) is the best thing ever.

And if you’re really, really lucky, I’ll convince you to buy a mumu (spelling?) covered in the moon and stars and then I’ll officially change your name to ‘mama moon’ because what is life if you don’t have a universe mumu and a name like ‘mama moon’? But for real.

Oh and I’ll probably ask you to be my friend, even though you apparently already are cause you’re at my house. And you’ll probably fall asleep on my couch because 9 out of 10 people who visit do. I’m either really boring or I have the most comfortable couch ever— I’ll let you assume whichever 😉

Hope you guys are having a great week! 


  1. Heya A, do you give Marlowe Spirulina? My kids are 14,14,9 and 3, I am curious, also what do you all put on top of the oatmeal? Macca?

  2. Your blog is so inspiring! I'm planning a Florida trip for this summer with my partner and will definitely be checking out some of the places in your blog. You make them look awesome – the gardens, the hang outs the eating places – and you make me want to be there. It's been 20 years since I've been to Florida (I'm in the UK) and I am muchos excited to be thinking of going back! YEY!