So it’s the weekend– I’m not really a weekend blogger— you know, I like to keep a steady monday through friday– but it’s been an off week. Life happens. My tests came back normal. Which I guess is supposed to be good— but then I’m left with “well, how the hell do I treat a problem thats still undiagnosed?” Same old story I dealt with all last year. I have another ultrasound on tuesday. Yes, another, as in I already had one. It’s a long story.

Today was actually my birthday. It’s 11:22 pm on friday night— so it’s almost over. A big bad 31 years old. I spent the day doing nothing celebratory. Which is fine by me. I’ve said it before, but I’m not a birthday person. And I had a pretty big and spectacular birthday last year— so that should last me a good amount of years before I need to celebrate another one.

I’ve just been so distracted this week. There’s just this itching feeling that something is happening in my body and I need to figure out what it is. I’m not good with the unknown. I hate surprises, I hate being in the dark. No really though, we use a salt lamp at night, I hate the dark. But I emotionally hate it too. I’m just hoping this next test shows something. Then I can move forward.

My cold is finally almost gone– so thats good news! My green boogers are once again clear. (You guys REALLY care about my boogers, right?) I can breathe— and I mostly have a voice again. Not that I ever talk anyway 😉  But I was talking to Alex today– telling him I really just need to work on my mood. It’s really crashed this week— hence the crickets. I didn’t want to write in anger. That doesn’t feel good. So I just kept quiet mostly. But I know I have a TON of really good things in my life– so I need to find a way to refocus on them, despite the crummy stuff happening in my gut— or ovaries— or whatever the hell is happening. I’m hoping a good overdose of sunshine will help all of this. I have A LOT of sunshine scheduled for the next two weeks.

Let’s talk about something else, shall we? Who’s moving where if Trump wins? Haha. I told Alex, I’m out of here if Trump or Hilary wins. But really though— I don’t want to be one of those people that just says it—  I’d really and honestly like to leave if either of those two gain power over here. Bit trickier when you have a family and you own a house– but we’ll see. For now I just have to keep hoping my good friend Bernie wins. Alex told me something like the Canadian embassy site crashed during the Trump rally from so many people googling “how to move to canada” or something like that— I dont know if that’s true or not, but thats crazy! And not completely unbelievable. Trump himself doesn’t scare me– it’s the fact that anyone (and not just one people, but multiple people) would actually support him that scares me! There are a lot of random crazy and hateful people in the world– but when they gain a following? That the creepy part.

What else can we talk about? Something completely unimportant? The Bachelor? Who’s watching. That and Teen Mom are still my guilty pleasures. This season was pretty boring though. But I feel real fancy at night laying in bed with a heating pad and a mouth guard watching the Bachelor. Let me tell you— if you ever want to feel really sexy— thats the way to do it. Bonus point if you use castor oil pack with your heating pad and wear chicken socks. Socks with a chicken pattern— not socks made for chickens, fyi.

Alright, I’m going to go— I obviously don’t have much to say– I just wanted to drop in and explain my short silence. Oh and if you noticed a post that went up today and mysteriously disappeared– you weren’t seeing things, that unfortunately happened. The post has been rescheduled for later. Sorry about that. I hate those blog hiccups. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend filled with loads of sunshine and flowers and people who don’t support Trump. <3<3

*the photo above is super old. I found it randomly and thought *I should post this* love them. One of the many good things I need to focus on. photo is by chelsae anne <3


  1. Happy Birthday Drea!I'm a little late (I have this routine with your blog: when I don't have time to read it, I come one day reading all the lost posts, so..I might be always late for your birthdays 😉 )
    As for the politics, I get the way you feel, most politicians really suck worldwide, but these options for America went too far this time..

  2. I am so glad you mentioned the current political/social/moral climate – I am a YUUUUUGE fan of yours, and of course, my bae, Bernie. Ive been campaigning for him up here in Boston where Im from. Ive had a trip scheduled to WPB in April (school break/need sun) that I am considering cancelling. I have been thinking abt relocating to a beach area and Hawai'i is my 1st choice, but moving SOO far away from our family (I have a 6 yr old) is a hard leap. So I thought a trial in FL may help me decide to pull the trigger and move 6000 miles away to Hawai'i. After last night, Im so angry with FL – how do you feel living there? How are the schools and political climate? Id be curious abt your experience being from the N East.

  3. Why the dislike for Hilary? Genuinely curious, I'm a Brit so don't know much about US politics beyond the very basic 🙂
    Totally get the dislike of Trump though!

    • hilary is backed by one of (if not the most) corrupt businesses in the world, monsanto :/ I dont need more poison on this earth and in our food 🙁

  4. You can come live in South Africa our president is quality hahahaha, but seriously Cape Town is like one of the top places to live in the world and its not the scary crime ridden place the movies make it seem:) Also Durban seems like a similar climate to yours could be an option and heavy Indian culture- win win;) But seriously hope you feel better soon and gets some solid answers!!

  5. The Bachelorrrrr!!! <3 He's the best by far, and I'm SO Team Lauren B!

    • I have mixed emotions about him! I dont dislike him at all— but I dont know what it is! I def. prefer Lauren over Jojo though 🙂 I liked Caila a lot though :/

  6. You're seriously equating Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump?

    • I dislike and fear both of them, yes. But for completely and totally different reasons.

  7. I love your blog by the way and your personality really shines through, I love it! That is so funny about Trump and to be honest, I think Canada should build more houses in case he wins (good luck America)! Happy Birthday too, It's my birthday on the 13th, spooky! Love from Scotland xox

  8. Watching Trump from afar with horror. As you say, it's scary that people are actually supporting him. He doesn't deserve air time but unfortunately the media adore the circus. I keep saying to myself, "Surely not". Surely not. I'm wishing you a belated but very happy birthday. My birthdays are always quiet and understated too, which also suits me fine. I'm wishing you a really wonderful year full of happy adventures and good health. CJ xx

  9. I have the german and amarican citizenship. I live in Germany and have lived here for most of my life but I've always had this longing to some day move back to the states. I have the right to vote in the states but since I havent lived there in over ten years and my life is completely here in Germany I never voted during that time…It just feels wrong to vote for a country I don't live in. BUT for the first time ever I am actually going to vote and am SERIOUSLY considering giving up my US citizenship if Trump wins. I will not(!) live or set foot in a country that has elected that man. I already find it far too scary that he even came this far. It's just insane and way scary.

    • It's so crazy to think that he could have any supporters— it's a good (unfortunate) reminder that no matter how good and kind you try to live, that there are ignorant and hateful people out there :/ I learned today that one of my ex's who I keep in contact with and chat with from time to time is voting for Trump. It sounds extreme, but I have no intention of speaking to him anymore. Someone who wants hateful and hurtful energy in their world is not someone who i want in mine 🙁

  10. We have a month long trip to Costa Rica planned in January of next year. We didn't even think about the election being during that time until recently. We are thinking maybe we should buy one way tickets, let the election run its course, then see if we want to come back? Joking… Kind of… Four kids and a house here, so it is a hard proposition, but one that is likely totally worth the risk!

    • I mean… it's not a bad idea 🙂

      We've always discussed moving anyway– so it wouldn't be the craziest thing for us. 🙂