naturally pickling radishes from our garden. I know pickling is super trendy lately, but I freaking love it. its just so good for you. pickled things also help kill sugar cravings which is very much appreciated by many 😉 into fermented foods? try this recipe.

do you see him? my new friend? I made a friend. top left corner of the laptop.

smoothie bowl snacks topped with superfood goodness. into smoothie bowls? try this recipe 😉

this is old, but I just found it and love it so so much.

nature on point.

when you top your breakfast oatmeal (recipe) with solid cacao chips and they get all melty and delicious.

morning reading.(one of our favorite books). and her favorite dress is from here.

did you need some cilantro?

when its time to give the plants some air.

when you look down and realize the matching going on here. omg! and, I didn’t tell you guys (well, I did on snapchat) but we got eggs! finally! They are not roosters! hooray!

sick days when your husband brings you lunch in bed.

but even better is healthy days when you get to enjoy lunch outside together.

when she comes out front and asks, “can I eat this?” sure kid.



  1. I LOVE reading your blog. The colors, the patterns, the plants! Can you tell me where your awesome sandals are from? Thanks much!

  2. it's so lovely to be able to eat outside. we had a warm weekend – and it's already back in the 40s this week! but, summer is soon! thank you for sharing your kimchi recipe. i LOVE kimchi radishes more than traditional kimchi. i'm excited to try that recipe. pinned for later!

  3. Howdy! Can you share your radish pickle recipe? I was given picked radishes once and loved them. I'm dying to make them myself!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the colors in your posts. I try to keep up as much as I can. Which leads me to this question, Jerry is back? When? How? Feel free to link the post in a comment! Ive always adored Jerry 🙂

    • I didn't write a post about jerry being back– but I have mentioned him a few times now. He is back– didn't do well at my brothers. Still very allergic, but if I don't touch him, and vacuum often then we seem to make it out okay!

  5. Gorgeous cilantro, I love that it's flowering. You've reminded me I must sow some soon. I put some radish seeds in yesterday, I've got some already up but I like to keep sowing and sowing them. Gorgeous fluffy pink things, they're not familiar to me. And lovely to see your plants outside taking the air. Still far too cold here for much to go outside. Surely there will be some spring warmth soon… CJ xx