We’ve had some pretty good weather this last month in florida. Really good. Too good to be true even.  I like to think it was Florida’s way of making up for the extremely rainy winter. But now its coming to an end. The humidity and rain are rolling back in. I’m hoping to get as much time in our space (front yard and back) before it gets unbearable. Maybe I’ll dig myself a pool. No, I’m kidding, I wish. Our garden ended up majorly overgrown this year– but we’ve still had some really good things come out of it. One tomato plant ended put taking over the entire yard and Alex wanted me to cut it up and clear it out and I was like, “NO WAY BUDDY”– and I’m grateful I didn’t listen. Him and I agree on most things, but we have VERY different gardening styles. Not going to lie, it can be aggravating. I’m like, “save all the plants!!!” and he’s like “chop chop chop chop, yank out chop” grrr. Haha. But we manage. And our garden manages and provides us with loads of goodies, so it all works out in the end.

We had major issues with hornworm on the tomatoes last year. This year we have loads of birds flying in to collect their free hornworm dinner. Thank you birds! The little yellow tomatoes are the sweetest thing ever. I’ve had buckets and buckets of them come in from the one plant. And I’ve made sum much roasted salsa. It’s been delicious.

Loads of these guys. Not too sure what we’re going to do with them— I’m thinking to attach them all to our back fence.

papayas! I just showed these guys on my snapchat garden tour the other day (ohdeardrea on there too). Did you know that almost all conventional papaya is GMO? It’s true. And weird, right? Like, why GMO papayas??! That seems like the silliest food to turn into toxic garbage, right? The only reason I can think of is because they’re using so many to make enzyme supplements? But I don’t know about that. Anyway, stay away from conventional papayas— and corn and soy– it’s all poison for your body. I’m excited for my slow growing papayas to be ready! See my favorite papaya using breakfast: HERE
Peas, okra, and so many little root buds. I like okra a lot– but to behest, I like it better when someone else prepares it for me. Like my friend Uzma— she fries to real good. And fresh peas? Meh. I can take or leave em. I like the pureed, like the recipe in my cookbook, but otherwise I’m apathetic about peas. See one of my favorite simple at home okra recipes HERE.

Messy garden love. Our outdoor picnic bench that was once our dining room tables moved outdoor– and hasn’t weathered the weather too well. I love it anyway. Our moringa tree is completely overgrown right now, which helps provide a bit of shade to the space for lunch though– which is super nice.

our ladies— doing their thing. I wish they liked me more. They still seem scared of me and I’m like “don’t worry ladies. I love you, I won’t eat you!” Maybe one day they’ll love me if I give them enough snacks 🙂 And bananas! I’ve actually been eating bands more. Always the plantains– but I haven’t minded the bananas taste as much when they’re frozen and in desserts and things. At 31, I’m learning to like a new food. Sort of. The smell of a ripe bands being eaten next to me is still AWFUL. haha.

nasturtiums are so pretty, aren’t they?!  And cabbage too. beauties. 

this is our first year growing cabbage, and overall it went really well! Some of them got a bit infested with ants, but for the most part we’ve had loads of yummy cabbage to eat! hooray! 

guavas! we’ve had more guavas this year than any other year. I think it may be one of my favorite trees for sure. 

chickens being chicken. 

me, looking tough collecting chicken eggs. jerry thinking they’re a ball to play with and wanting in. Alex said “it looks like you should be working at a farmers market in this outfit” I’ll take that as a compliment. shirt / pants/ shoes.
make your own stepping stone diy HERE.


cutest carrots! find a really, really easy and delicious roasted carrot recipe HERE. last but not least, chicken salad. salad for my chickens. haha. I’m so funny— or not funny at all. whatever. but for reals, I’ve loved having chickens to give scraps too. Jerry is great for some leftovers– but def. not all. Chickens can get all the extra roughage we don’t eat– they’re happy and I’m happy. Yay for chicken salad.

Alright friends, I’m off to run a bunch of errands and if the sun ever comes out today, then to finally photograph that eggplant recipe I’ve been promising! Hope you’re having a good week!


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  2. I am so jealous of your garden! I'm just getting seeds and plants into the ground and containers now because we're in New England…and I'm not even sure we have seen the last frost. Fingers crossed! Hopefully your chickens keep the worms away!

  3. I am so glad I read this post b/c I've been eating the heck out of papayas. I was so excited to find them at trader joes and Walmart – should have been a signal that something isn't right with them when I found them at Walmart.
    Thanks for the info- now I'm so sad to stop eating them.

  4. Hawaiian papayas are GMO because of the papaya ringspot virus that was introduced to island in the 50's, it devastated the plants in home gardens within about 12 years. By the mid 90's it had almost entirely destroyed the commercial growing industry.

  5. How gorgeous your garden is, I do so love a kitchen garden. Brilliant to see cabbage grown along with guava. I fear a guava wouldn't do too well here. You obviously have a great climate for tomatoes. They tend to sulk a bit here in sw England, it's not really hot enough. But they do okay. I'm trying okra for the first time this year. I think they might prefer somewhere hotter as well though. But it's fun to try. CJ xx

  6. I am so jealous of your froobs shirt, I just cannot justify the shipping to the UK. I am awaiting Laura's cookbook as eagerly as I awaited yours…

    I love your vibrant photos