clean up time 

green juice + ocean time.

hanging out and adding pretty details to my fav. yoga studio time. 

my favorite flowers. 

these crazy kids. 

lounge time. 

indian buffets forever. especially when they’re mostly vegan. 

she slept in!

little pretties. 

little details.

smoothie queen. nom nom.

succulent garden planting.

searching for natto— which I then found in CA, tried, and spat out. I NEVER spit out food. oh man, it was not what I expected. haha.

Well, friends! we have one more half day in CA before flying back tonight. It’s been an amazing trip! I’ll be editing pics on tonights flight! Cant wait 🙂 Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, I love your bright home, it seems even more colorful and happy as weeks go by!(new cushions, maybe?)

  2. I so adore these posts of yours. I feel like lately my life is stressful and ugly, and I've often thought of starting to do some posts like this so that I can capture and highlight and remember all the small, beautiful things about life.

  3. You photos are always amazing! I will forever love Marlowe's room! I want to design my daughters room like that.

  4. Natto is just the worst! I've been looking for it since forever, because you know health benefits and all that. I finally found some in Dublin and It was just horrid. Its the taste, the consistency and whatever is up with the spidery threads that stick to everything.

    • YES. I ve been searching for a long time– was so sad to find it being so gross! The good news is, now I know!

  5. How gorgeous and cool Marlowe's room looks. A sanctuary indeed. Love the succulents. I need some to fill up my windowsills here now all of the seedlings are outside doing battle with the slugs and the weather. Glad you've had a good trip, I shall look forward to seeing the photos. CJ xx