yoga girl on the bed. 

from a while back, our delicious parfait date. (recipe here).

the storm is coming. 

we have so many pretty trees in our neighborhood. loving all the plumerias blooming lately. 

she asked if she could set up a picnic. the cutest thing. 

the view from my resting spot (marlowe’s bed)

walking away with my favorite flowers. 

terrible lighting, but I love her little pose. 

blue skies. 

more blue skies. 


them and pirates of the Caribbean.

still in california— but wanted to share a few pictures from home <3<3<3 the time change is hitting me hard– also all this amazing fun— it’s exhausting having this much fun 😉 sharing an update tomorrow and eating photos to share this week too 🙂 yay! happy monday, friends! 

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  1. When I see your pictures I'm thinking: we don't have enough relaxing time as a family….
    just hanging or doing yoga….something to think about for me.
    Enjoy California!