Hi friends! How are you?! We’re home! I was planning on coming home and being super productive before Alex got home from work but we got delayed and then delayed again and didn’t get home till like 1:30 in the morning! The good news is— it didn’t feel like that long of delay, not for me at least. For my brother and sister in law, with two kids (one being baby), I’m sure it felt longer. But we all got through it. It’s definitely super interesting to fly home with three kids and three adults as opposed to just me and M. Oh, if you guys have headphone recommendations, that’d be great. Mine broke somehow on this trip (they just stopped working) and I got some on the flight, but most of the little plug ones don’t fit in my ears! I never though I had small ears, but I guess I do 😉

Our garden looks pretty good at home! We’re in an okra and papaya jungle right now! I’m still trying to figure out what and when I should be eating…. been researching, reading, and thinking like crazy. Though, I do all those things anyway. But I’m excited for all our growing things.

Alright, well, I’m going to spend a few hours with this family today before Alex heads to work! Here are some photos from our day in Boston last week 🙂 It was a fun and sweaty day for sure.

“this is my *I forgot to have coffee* face”

someone explain this wall to me. 

So we got off the train and headed to Dewey sq (I think it was that) to find ourselves surrounded by food trucks and ten million people. We settled on noodles. I got a tofu dish that had waaaay more tofu than any one person should consume. But hey, we were fed easily!

We then headed into Somerville to go to the Lego place. Made Marlowe’s lego loving dreams come true. Though really we should take her to the giant Legoland here in Florida, haha. This girl travels well everywhere. I do love seeing her in a city, on and off trains and taxis and whatever. But I do have to say, we all fit better outside of the city, thats for sure.

giraffe butt. 

Prettiest flowers. Echinacea is (one of) my favorite(s). 

After our lego adventure we headed to Boston Harbor for a boat ride. We had planned to do one or the other and at the last minute were like “screw it, we’re here, when else are we going to?” So we jumped on the ship last minute for a harbor ride. My outfit accidentally matched sea life quite well 😉

my new ring from antiquing 🙂 
(romper— now one sale 🙂

super nice to enjoy the breeze. I thought for sure she wouldn’t want to boat ride after our last, really bad, ferry ride we had (we both cried on it), but she was a trooper and we all had a blast.

jumping for joy. afterwards we walked over to faneuil hall to eat at wagamama. I sued to always know where to go for food, drink whatever. but now when I go back, I realize, that was a decade ago!! I never know where to go now. So I went back to an old favorite, cause I knew they’d still have vegan options 🙂 

And the public market, for a green juice for me, a vegan GF donut for M, and so much chocolate debate for Alex 🙂

A good little day! Hoping to fit in Miami this week while we’re here. Hoping to see friends. And just enjoy this space 🙂 I hope you guys are having a good week! We’re half way through it 😉 Happy wednesday!


  1. Have you looked into Anthony William "Medical Medium"? He's all about the healing power of foods and the true root of diseases that the medical world is still decades away from finding out about. I'm reading it now, and have been having some funky and hard to explain health issues myself, and it is just clicking on every front! I would highly recommend. His first book that I'm reading now is called Medical Medium and he has a second book that's soon to be released that focuses on healing with fruits & veggies. Just wanted to pass it along from one health/nutrition nerd to another ❤️

    • Yes, I'ts on my "buy soon" list. Need to finish all my other books. I'm reading "Self healing Crohns and Colitis" right now– even though I don't have C&C— but it's the same concept– all disease comes from the food we eat– and how to create the diet to reverse it 🙂

  2. Bose over ear noise cancelling headphones change everything. They make plane rides and traveling a breeze. The noise cancelling instantly puts me right into work or chill mode since I have trouble blocking out background distraction. They are totally worth the investment.

  3. You look perfectly nautical, just right for a little boat trip. My middle boy is enjoying knots at the moment. He has a book and a bit of cord and is happy as a clam working his way through it. I shall look forward to seeing how your garden is doing and what you decide to grow next. CJ xx

  4. I used to hate earbuds, until my husband bought these (http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B000IG66VS). I think he got a deal at some point where they were 5 for $3, but they're still inexpensive at $7 each. They have 3 different sized buds, so they're actually comfortable in tiny ears (which I have too). It looks like there's a newer version too. I'm sure there are better options terms of sound quality, but I'd rather not pay $100 for something I'm inevitably going to lose :).