Hi friends, how are you?!I’m good. Though a bit moody to be quite honest. I finally went through with my MRI follow up for the brain tumor they found a year and a half ago. I did a good job listening to the “you should follow up in three months” recommendation, right? It’s just that I’m so tired of the medical system and hospitals and the tests that seem more harmful than beneficial, ya know? Tired of it. I stepped away from the brain scan and out of hospital saying “never again.” At his point, I’m 100% certain that I know my body and how to handle it, 1,000% better than any doctor— especially the doctors that pay ZERO attention to food and just hand out drugs. There is not one drug out there that doesn’t create another problem (i.e. side effect) after taking it. No thanks. But I am happy I got the MRI out of the way. I wont have to question it anymore. I can get the results and move on— and continue healing myself– the way my body is intended and designed to heal.I actually decided that I’m going to do a pretty big diet change soon. After all our travels. I’m nervous and excited. I’ve been reading some pretty intense books on gut healing and healing in general and I feel like it’s worth a shot. An even more natural diet wont harm me, so why not? I’ll write more about it later and document it along the way— come september.

Anyway, I came here to write something else. A thank you and a HEY, HOWS IT GOING YOU PEOPLE WHO READ THIS! You know, to check in.

So hey.

While in San Francisco, Nicolle took us to this little green house that apparently everyone takes pictures of and posts on instagram. Cool. I get it, I’ve seen the photos, it’s the prettiest thing. But when we got there and she showed me (I didn’t realize we were going there), I had no idea what she was even showing me! She explained and I was like, “oh, thats it?! It’s so tiny!” Still beautiful of course, but tiny. Way more tiny than instagram had ever led on. It just got me thinking a lot about what we see on social media vs. what real is. Ya know? I know this conversation comes up a lot these days– everyone out there question authenticity lately— which lets be honest, is totally justified. We dont need to have the conversation here too. I get it, all that can and should be questioned. But I don’t want to talk about what looks real and what doesn’t– at least not in terms of social media and other people. I want to talk about it here in my space. I dont want to be like that tiny green house. Well, maybe I do since it’s adorable and people go out of their way to find it, haha– but I dont want people to find me and be like “whoa thats not what I expected” Ya know?

(I mean, I am extremely tiny, but I think you guys know that.)

But I want you to always come here and find me. The real me. Not some curated images of what I want you to think I look like. I’ve always been super honest, pour my heart out here– but struggling to show my face in pictures. But I’ve been working on it! I want to say that snapchat has helped me come out of hiding– and it totally has (I said this before too)– but I can’t say it has completely, since I still like to filter my face on there— but the filters are the best! haha. I do always and every day strive to live by “what you see is what you get.” Honest to a fault. Sure I can’t talk about absolutely everything on here– like other peoples personal issues, like with family and such (though, I’d like to!), but you know, I gotta respect other people too. But I will always be open and honest about myself. And I think you guys know this– but you can always ask me anything. Usually email, snapchat, and twitter seem to be best for that– since things get very easily lost on instagram, but yeah, ask away. I mean, you guys do— I get questions about my boobs, poop, sex, all the things– and I totally don’t mind. I’d be in the wrong business if I minded people getting to know me, ya know?

I’m an open book— but an interactive one, haha.

I’m not perfect, far from it– but I’m happy to share what I know and what I’ve learned. I’m just squeezing out all the mind grapes I have flowing in my head– and hoping in some way it benefits someone— either with knowledge, enjoyment, companionship, reliability, sheer entertainment, or anything else.

do it.

a photo of my no make up face and my mexican sister by marlowe.

Well, my computer is acting out like crazy and I’ve been fighting a headache since my MRI yesterday so I’m going to go ahead sign out. But I just wanted to check in– if you guys ever want to know more, see more, whatever, just let me know! You guys are aware of this, but a reminder can’t hurt— there is a human behind this screen— one that totally gives a shit about a lot of things– and being here and present in real life and in this space is one of them 🙂 Just say hi! I don’t bite— and even though I can have a RBF from time to time, I’m actually a super nice person– I think most would agree 🙂

Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week! I have a house decorating post coming up next <3<3


ps. my blogger account is acting up too– so forgive me if I hit publish and this post looks like a child put it together. I’m just hoping the photos show up as they should! <3


  1. I have read your blog for years but never popped out to comment…til this post 😉 Totally could not agree with you more about the whole doctor thing. You are an inspiration to be so brave as to share your journey with such honesty. Looking forward to seeing what you piece together and sending your healing vibes. I have faith in your ability to heal yourself, too <3

  2. At your recommendation, I've rented How Not to Die from the library (and renewed it like 4 times already) and am slowly working my way through it. Life: changed.

  3. I love your honesty, and your writing. You write for yourself, and not to market, and show only a side of you. Love it!

  4. Hi! I love reading your blog–the pictures, content, everything!

    I can't wait to hear about the changes to your diet and diets for healing the body. I love reading/learning/talking about nutrition and interested in the healing process.

    • Yay! I'm a nerd I love reading and learning as much as I can about nutrition and health 🙂

  5. Well the pictures are beautiful and I do want to wander around and find that little greenhouse! I can't wait to read about your diet changes- I've been struggling all year to figure out the way my body functions best in relation to my diet.
    Love your blog and I'll totally say hi if I ever see you irl! (If you ever make it back to the Bay Area then that might happen)

  6. Drea, have you seen the documentary The Truth About Cancer? I think it's the third episode where they interview a woman who successfully healed a brain tumor with frankincense oil. Definitely an inspirational look at natural cancer care! I think you would love it. 🙂

  7. Excited to learn more about your diet changes! For years my husband and I have taken our health into our own hands! He recently made a job switch because being a chef in a restaurant was making him so sick (he has celiac). The doctors ran a million tests and had no answers…not even once did they ask about food or environment! We've been working hard to get his gut healed…we're almost there I think!!

    • ha! I was just talking about this with Alex. He's had major sinus issues for months– he finally cut out dairy and is doing A LOT better— but not 100% yet. I sent him to a functional medicine doctor (cause they're supposed to be better— but I've seen her myself and was majorly disappointed). He didn't mention to her that his sinuses had gotten worse since he started baking bread daily again a few months ago— but of course she didn't ask about his work/home/hobby/diet/environment either. At this point you have to know yourself and figure it out– cause otherwise doctors just give you a drug to mask the symptoms temporarily. She offered him a steroid nasal spray 😐

  8. Your honesty is one of the reasons I regularly read your blog. Many others I've read and stopped reading, but I keep coming back here because you have an open, genuine quality and you share a lot of my values. Adorable little greenhouse, I'm sitting here wondering if I could squeeze one into my garden… CJ xx

  9. Hi Drea!! Thanks for sharing your whole self and being so honest here 🙂 Love reading your blog!! By the way, how tall ARE you?? You don't look short at all in your photos!!!