Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Ours was HOT! Holy hell it was 95+ degrees out the whole entire weekend. For the first time my life I was actually craving snow and cold. Traveling to California twice in the past month and a half really spoiled my florida summer, haha! Good news is, we’r out of here in two days. And basically out of here the entire summer. September is still hot as can be down here, but it’ll be our first month really home. September feels like a long time away though, right? Sort of. Marlowe will be six in September, which is absolutely insane. INSANE. So yes, We’ll say September feels like a long, long time away! K? Cool.

I’m trying to push through the tired feeling I’ve had all last week. I think I may actually be fighting some sort of virus my mom had. But these days it feels like I’m fighting something every other week. But the keyword here is fighting. I don’t come down with things too often. I mean, I do, way more often than I’d like– but I’m trying to be kind to myself and remind myself that it’s okay, I’m still getting better and my body will keep getting stronger until one day I don’t have to worry about this stuff at all. I actually picked up a new book this week that I’m super excited to read. I told this to my mom, and read her the title and she started laughing hysterically at me. I guess I’m an uber nerd now, but I super enjoy reading all the health books. Or not even now, I’ve been an uber nerd about health stuff for quite a while now. I’m sure I mentioned it at some point, but I had actually gone back to school for nutrition– but only lasted about two semesters until I got knocked up with the most bad-ass kid in the world. So yeah, I like the health stuff! But right now, I’m hoping to find more time to read. I’m thinking there will be more quite time in MA for M and I. She can do her math book (she’s a nerd too– constantly asking for school workbooks) and I can read my nerdy health books, outside in the beautiful weather. Sounds nice right? Hopefully I can make it happen!

I still have loads of California photos to share, I hope that’s okay. We had a good time out there. A good mix between fun and relaxation. Nicolle and I had discussed a road trip at some point– and while Marlowe typically hates being in a car, we thought it was a good idea anyway. The girls did great. All four of us did great, haha. It’s always so nice driving down the coast of California, if you haven’t done it, I would totally recommend it! One of my favorite posts and (trips) was our family road trip down the coast with that tiny Marlowe and handsome, bearded husband.

Marlowe doesn’t remember that trip. And i don’t know if she’ll remember this trip— or any of the trips we take this summer, but I really hope she does. They mean a whole lot to me. My mom said it, and she’s right, but M and I have gotten closer this summer. We’ve always been ridiculously close anyway (obviously. think Gilmore Girls close), but this summer she’s definitely been my little buddy. Though she likes to tell me she’s not my buddy, because she’s just like me and likes to be a pain in the butt. Ya know? But yeah, I hope she remembers all these moments. And even though I know she may not remember any of it, I hope to keep making these memories, taking these photos, and experiencing these adventures with her. Because even if she has no recollection of it ten years from now, it still matters, because it’s still building the relationship we have now, creating something stronger for now and later.

We didn’t have too many stops planned on our road trip, just McWay Falls and we knew we’d have to get food somewhere, at some point. I’m really happy Nicolle suggested Mcway Falls, I had never heard of it before, but man, it was gorgeous. Nature really is the most amazing thing ever.

See that waterfall pressed between the rocks? Middle leftish. How cool is that? Someone commented on my instagram how it’d be nice to stand under it, but I’d have to disagree, haha! Sure is beautiful, sure looks cold!

they were impressed.

my buddy, whether she admits it or not.

One of the craziest things about California is the drastic changes everywhere. Everything seems so extreme. An hour car ride can give you completely different views and weather. Just one hour in the car can make the temperature increase of decrease 30-40 degrees. It’s crazy. I have weird feelings when we drive past farms— it’s hard to explain. Good and bad thoughts of over-thinking, really.

Out of no where we looked to the left during our drive and Nicolle and I were like “HOLY CRAP ARE THOSE ZEBRAS?!” And they were! Zebras! I mean, you obviously can’t see them too well in this photos but there was a big herd of zebras on this giant plot of land! How cool. And strange. And I kept thinking, “I hope they’re not cold!?” We ran up the hill to see them and ran down just as quickly because we were cold 😉

A few hours later we made it to San Luis Obispo. I booked us a room at The Madonna Inn. I had been seeing it a lot on instagram lately and I was sold. It was a tad bit overpriced and I wouldn’t touch anything in the restaurant with a ten foot pole— but it really was a cool thing to check off the list. And I figured the little ladies would love it! And of course they did 🙂 Though they were super bummed we didn’t let them in the pool. But it was cold!

Side note: we should play a game where we guess how many times I write the word “cold” in this post.

We walked around a bit and explored before heading into the town for dinner. The town was interesting. I’m not sure how else to describe it. I didn’t take any photos– but we did go there and eat there and walk around there and then happily left to head back to the hotel to finally shower and put the girls to bed.

But not without a little coloring action first, of course.

The next day we headed to breakfast at a little spot Mangala (an instagrammer I’ve been following forever now) suggested. It was cute and the weather was perfect to eat breakfast outside. We had planned to maybe meet up with her, but had a missed connections moment instead. Also, Marlowe had a bagel for breakfast. A rare, worth documenting moment. It was plain (bleh). Boy I miss those unhealthy round clumps of processed starch. Nom.

We wanted to do a bit more before making the drive home and decided it would be worth taking them to the beach. Marlowe didn’t remember visiting the cold beaches before— I thought for sure she would hate it– but she put on a brave face and said “It’s not that cold out!”  suuuuuure.

I then ran into Mangala! Like, basically literally ran into her. I’m walking out of a store and she’s walking in and I just stared her down like, “Is that Mangala? There’s no way, We’re in a different town” And she looks up with a “Drea?” And it was perfect! How randomly cool, right?

Afterwards we made the long trek home— but took the shorter route this time. And Marlowe told Nicolle she was the best driver ever. And still, even a week later, talks about Nicolle’s driving, haha! It’s just that Marlowe is painfully scared of hills— or was anyway— but said that Nicolle made her not scared anymore 😉
Oh and this is me, pretending not to be cold 😉

And as I sit here, ready to climb into bed (it’s 12:30 sunday night), I’m wondering am I becoming one of those people who prefers cold to head? I never thought I would be…. I think it really comes down to how cold and how hot. Anything below 60 might be too cold…… so that qualifies me as a “need heat to survive” person, right? Probably.

Have a wonderful week, friends! I hope the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and you make loads awesome memories <3<3


  1. Aw, I grew up in California and this makes me homesick! She'll remember, by the way.

  2. This Madonna Inn looks sooo nice! I wish you posted even more picture of it! The wardrobe looks like the one in Beauty and the Beast!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip, glad you both had such a good time. CJ xx