Hi friends, how are you?! It’s been an off weeks since coming home. Alex has been working a lot– and earlier too, so we haven’t seen much of him. And I’m still trying to rebuild my body (it’s still painfully drained) s we haven’t gotten out too much, which I guess is fine because it’s SO hot and we did get out a lot last week.

I’ve been slowly getting back to emails, editing bright photos from our trip, and making future travel plans for the rest of summer. I’ve also been chatting with some people here about what can be a long term solution for the toxic algae issue. There doesn’t seem to be a real solution right now since the only thing that would really help is if we all stop giving money to the companies causing the problem and shut them down. But they are multibillion dollar corporations that most people use every single day, if not multiple times a day. Anyway, I don’t want to get into all too much right now.

Did I mention here that Marlowe wants/is starting and earth club? I talk about random stuff in some many different outlets that sometimes I forget what I’ve mentioned and where. I think it’s the best thing ever. I want to help her as much as I can without influencing her too much. Does that make sense? I know a positive influence is obviously a good thing, but I like her being in charge of her own thing. You know? But I told her, I’m here to support her 200% and help her in any way she needs. It’s pretty cute. I also told her we wouldn’t be eating processed sugar anymore since coming home— for her health, her teeth, but also mostly to boycott Florida sugar– and she’s totally cool with it. She knows that she can still eat loads of fruit, and honey, and maple syrup (in moderation, and not for every meal haha), but that processed sugar isn’t good for her gut, body, and now she sees how it’s obviously bad for the Earth too.

Again, this is our super easy go to meal for sure. Brown rice, black beans, avocado, and some sort of veggie– usually peas, carrots, or broccoli.

turmeric coconut soup. This is my bowl, she doesn’t eat tempeh with it.

her tiny load of sourdough. Alex makes bread weekly and she wanted to make her own little one. So she did, isn’t it cute? She had it with her breakfast (fruit avocado, maybe plantains, I forget).

Pizza. Takeout. So like, I’ve now had pizza with fake cheese three times this year (her too), and we’ve def. reached our quota for the year. I’m so tired of fake cheese. WE do it occasionally as a special treat, but damn it’s just so processed. My gut certainly can’t digest it like it used too— which means my gut should have probably never been trying to digest it in the first place, you know?

We obviously ate a lot while away in California (I have a whole what marlowe eats for it coming), and we’re not going to stop eating out, but I’m definitely at the point where I prefer eating at home so much more. Yes, because it saves money, but also because my gut and mouth appreciates it so much more. For the next three trips coming up (Massachusetts, Guatemala, France) I definitely plan to cook A LOT more. Just to ensure we’re eating really well and also because my wallet has never, not ever, seen such a large dent from restaurants as it did after this last trip.

We had been eating out a lot more before our California trip too. Hell, we even ate out last night cause I was too tired to cook (vicious circle). But with meals like this one^ at a local vegan place, I’m like “WHY DID I WASTE MY MONEY” — the two vegan places near us are NOT good, at all. I leave so disappointed– but I still try them out once a year or every other year, in hopes they’ve changed. But no. SO yeah, eating at home more, no matter how much easier eating out may seem is my goal for the rest of summer. There will be exceptions, because I want to try and experience new restaurants in different countries, but I want to make eating at home the primary means of nutrition again. Alex eats better at home, Marlowe eats better at home, and I definitely do too. Here she at half of her veggie burger with sprouts and tomatoes on top and didn’t like her cole slaw at all. She normally devours coleslaw, but this was meh. To be quite honest, I was surprised she even ate the burger.

I posted this one instagram (but deleted it), lentil fritters, chana with spinach, cabbage and peas over brown rice.

One snack she’s been asking for lately is a peanut butter and strawberry sandwich.

Good ole’ green soup again.

We’ve basically stopped eating french fries out– There are certain foods I try not to eat in restaurants anymore. Stuff with celery (like thai curries, I ask without celery), potatoes, tofu, and corn. Because it;s mostly likely GMO or in the case of celery, overly sprayed in chemicals. At first I was like “how is this really going to be possible? is this something we can really sustain or should i just say screw it? or give up on eating out all together??” But it hasn’t been bad at all. We just make fries at home (in oven). Avoid celery and corn, and only eat tofu at places with organic tofu options (Joy Noodle is great for that if you’re local).

A meal at my brothers, blackens with spinach, salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, peas. Easy.

Roasted broccoli with garlic, cauliflower rutabaga mash, and a leftover veggie curry.

And super cute, but I walked into the kitchen to see her making her own snack– unsweetened coconut yogurt, washed and cut strawberries (with her kid knife, thankfully), and a drizzle of honey. She’s the cutest chef.

Okay, there’s my food rambles for the week. I’m overwhelming myself right now. I’m going to help Marlowe organize her new art desk and maybe take a 20 minute meditation breather. Taking a 20 minute time out used to make me feel crazy and weird, but they really help so much that I don’t care anymore 😉

Happy wednesday, friends!


  1. So let me get this, your whole family eventually became chefs??? I believe that eating at home and actually know exactly what you are eating is a bless and outweighs the best restaurant. I admire your family's food choices, your way of cultivating and eating your own products and my wish for this life is to be healthy and achieve food autonomy 😉

  2. I prefer eating at home so much more than eating at a restaurant. We went to a great new Thai restaurant in our area last night, like traditional Thai (not just drunken noodles), and it was amazing! But the service was awful. It seems like something always goes wrong whether it's the food, the service, or the people around you. It's just not worth paying the price, in my mind. Our garden is also finally hitting it's stride, so I hate to see all that go to waste.

  3. I totally agree with that thing of feeling more and more disappointed every time I go out to eat. I love eating out sometimes, because you feel relaxed, give a break of cooking (sometimes we need to leave the kitchen, although we love it!) and it's a nice programme, but I always leave with that feeling that I could have done something better at home. what annoys me the most is how most food is too salty! in portugal is very difficult to have a soup in a restaurant without drinking an entire bottle of water in the next minute. and also food is too greasy sometimes, which is no good for sensitive guts. but there are still some places that know how to do it, thank god!

  4. You are the absolute best. I love that you list out what the no-no's are at restaurants (and at home), with ethical reasons, and then supply a meal idea immediately afterward. After reading your posts, I feel re-energized to buckle down on my own plant based, organic eating. Inspired rather than hopeless. <3

  5. She is such a lil cutie pie! All her food looks amazing too. I love that you're teaching her how to fuel herself right at a young age, and don't focus on calories and stuff like that. Keep it up, mama!