Hi friends! This week flew by, it felt like a 4 day week for sure. But no, it’s almost friday. I plan to spend the day editing the rest of my photos (hopefully) maybe reading my book, and just trying to keep my kiddo happy…. hopefully. Food has been weird for us lately. Well maybe just for me… but since my diet affects my whole family, maybe us. The good news is, even though my diet figuring out has been tough since my recovery, it seems I am finally figuring out what meals make me feel best and not worst after eating! And it’s not at all what I thought it would be! With Marlowe, I’m trying to give her less grains. She’ll still have some grains of course… they aren’t the devil or anything like that, haha, but when we’re done traveling, I plan to be more adamant about sprouting and soaking them. It is in fact too easy for us to reach for a can of beans, but it’s a whole lot better to soak and cook yourself. But two seconds and as opposed to two days of work is a big difference 😉 One step at a time! For now, here are a ton of food photos from our trip to MA. Eating at (my moms) home and on the road too 🙂
One of the absolute easiest lunches and snacks we do is carrots (or other veggies) (and tortilla chips) with dips. For this lunch she had a load of carrots, corn chips, with a white bean dip, a black bean dip, and guacamole. If there were some greens on this plate, I think it would be a pretty good, really easy snack! And a veggie noodle bowl for me, with a miso dressing. She probably would have ate that, but I put zucchini in it, and Marlowe thinks zucchini is a nightmare.

We also bring carrots + hummus when we travel. Packed it to fly to CA with her. And will be packing it to fly to Guatemala with her next week too. We tone down the garlic usage when we’re going to be traveling with it though, cause we’re nice and considerate people 😉

Also fruit. Loads of fruit. Road trips, plane trips, or in this case train trips, with bring fruit. It’s obviously the easiest to go snack. Unprocessed, unpackaged, and calorie and nutrient dense. Perfect. 
At our food truck stop in Boston, Marlowe got the same thing as me, but with rice instead of noodles. She ended up wanting to eat mine and not hers though.. for whatever reason. It’s funny, we “fight” all the time about whats better–  I could happily give up rice for the rest of my life but I would be sad without noodles. Marlowe and Alex are rice people.

A chunky chickpea, quinoa, and vegetable soup. Side of avocado.

Veggie quinoa burger for dinner in Rhode Island.

Black bean burrito for lunch in Rhode Island. She devoured the whole thing. I think it’s funny that she doesn’t like salsa, btw.

Salad, greens, carrots, and fruit salad at Abu’s house. She’s been weird about salad. Sometimes she devours it all, sometimes she fights me on it. She better get used to eating all hose raw greens again. She’s still great at cooked greens, raw not so much.

I’ve been trying to re-think the way I think about food and cooking. or not re-think, but look at more options. I think the way we cook at home is perfectly fine, but just like with anything, there’s always room to grow. Instead of a super heavy, oily curry like we’re used to, I made this steamed veggie curry with this fresh curry ginger carrot sauce. She actually loved IT (except she spotted some zucchini in there and picked it out). On top of millet.

Veggie dumplings, in boston.

Salad of mixed greens + carrots, chickpea patty, + cauliflower mash.

green soup + chickpea patties. my mom basically force fed us these everyday. They’re just so easy to make + freeze.

brown rice veggies, + beans. side of avocado.

we’ve been having daal issues. She loves it too much, but sometimes when we say “to spicy” it’s just still too spicy for her little mouth! But she was a trooper and ate a lot of this anyway.

I’ve been trying to get better at making it at home. 🙂 + greens mixed in. Over millet. I always prefer to give her millet over rice because it’s non-acid forming and very high in protein 🙂 
spring rolls. so many spring rolls. I made these A LOT in MA. it was just so hot and this was easy and refreshing! For She has greens, carrots, cabbage, and herbs in hers.

Alright friends! That was a HUGE What Marlowe Eats post 🙂 I have a whole other one going up next week a lot more food too. I’m also nervous and excited to see what she will be eating in Guatemala! I plan on doing  a lot of the cooking for our group, but I’m sure we’ll be eating out too. I found organic farm restaurants that I’m super excited about 🙂 I hope you guys are having a great week! I’m going to see if Alex wants garden help before I sit down at this computer for a few more hours 🙂 Happy thursday!


  1. Ahh always love your food posts. I've said it before but your cookbook is one of my main go-to ones now. I love that you've added a few snacks in this post. My older daughter has just started kindergarten and my 11 month old is nuts about food so I'm scrambling for healthy on-the-go foods! x

  2. I agree with Marlowe on zucchini hatred, but I will side with you on Team Noodle 🙂 I recently created a stir-fry and doused the zucchini slices with soy sauce & rice vinegar and they were bareable, haha. Maybe with different seasoning (or chopped super tiny) she might not notice them! It's just tough because this time of year, zucchini is ev.ery.where. and I just have to try and embrace!
    Great post :))

  3. Hello Drea,

    Could you explain the acid-forming idea, please ? I've never heard about that.
    -> " I always prefer to give her millet over rice because it's non-acid forming and very high in protein"
    Anne 🙂

    • Yes!

      Okay so your body has a PH level that it likes to be at– you can pick up PH strips to test your urine if you're super curious about it! And some foods create more acid in your body while some foods are more alkaline. You want your body to be in a more alkaline state. Viruses and disease like to live in an acid state. And more acid tends to cause more inflammation. So in general, it's good to eat foods that are more acid forming. Basically MOST healthy foods are alkaline. Like, vegetables are alkaline, while meat and grains are acid forming. There are a ton of books out there you can order! It's all pretty common sense once you know the basics of it. The only thing that can get confusing is that people think of something like a lemon being acid forming, and while it is totally acidic outside your body and in your mouth, it creates an alkaline effect in your body! Or like, you think of things like milk and bread being super basic and maybe soothing, but these things actually form a lot of acid in your body! It's a good rule to try to eat at least 80% alkaline foods everyday 🙂

    • Ah, ok !
      Thank you for the nice, detailed answer. I've heard about this before but I did'nt make the connection.
      Have a nice day ! 🙂

  4. I soak beans and chickpeas overnight and Cook them in 20 and 40 minutes accordingly! You only need to think at night what you will be having next day.

    • We usually do legumes for two days– and with a bit of vinegar so that they are pretty fermented! We just make it more difficult than it needs to be with that though 🙂

  5. I always love your What Marlowe Eats posts, I find so much cooking inspiration from them. Even though all these dishes are meant to be kid-friendly, I think they're perfect for all ages – in fact, I always make mental notes about things I should try, but I think it's time to take some actual notes, because there are too many yummy things in here making me hungry!

    Hope you're having a great week!

    • Awesome! But yeah, kid friendly and grown up friendly too. It's basically what we all eat here! Except the snacks– that usually her snacks 🙂