You guys know that one of our absolute favorite things to do is visit farms. We do it as often as we can here— usually the thing that gets in our way is how incredibly, unbearably hot it is. In Antigua, we were actually pretty cold. But everyone assured bus that the week we were visiting was the coldest it had been in the entire year. And to be quite honest, it wasn’t that cold— I just didn’t come prepared with socks and shoes. Other than that, we layered and were good to go.

I love the internet for meeting people– you guys know this too. When I found Molly on instagram, I instantly fell in love with her. Much like I did with Celia 😉 There was an instant connection. I immediately starting commenting and messaging her like crazy, demanding that she be my new best friend 😉 Lucky for me, she agreed. She wanted to take us to Earth Lodge for a day, but due to the weather, we opted for Caoba Farms. The adults sat and chatted about all the thing while the kiddos just ran around in the rain visiting goats, pigs, chickens, and whatever other things they found.

We loved Caoba Farms so much that Celia and I opted to go back another day. Celia and the girls had a mini photoshoot planned, so we took advantage of the gorgeous space and took some photos here too. This day was anything but cold. We were all sticky and sweaty like back in home Florida 🙂

We loved how everything was organic– and that had loads of kombucha– which I stocked up on a few times to aid our guts on the trip…. and ten million pounds of plantain chips. And more kombuxha to counter the fried plantain chips 😉

We loved how easy it was to wander without a car. We could have walked to most places, and often did, but we found ourselves happily using a tuk tuk a few times too. I mean, scooting around in a tuk tuk after a farm breakfast, drinking fresh kombucha? Basically heaven.

Eventually the sun came out and Molly picked us up once again to try our original plan, Earth Lodge. Way up a mountain– with the most amazing views. I was nervous for Marlowe– she doesn’t have a great track record with hills and mountain drives, but like my fear of flying, that girl seems to be getting over her fear of hills 😉

hi friend. 
Also these white shoes finally gave out during this trip 🙁 I’ve had them for 5 years. And they were vintage to begin with… but I think this may have ben the last trip they will go on. 

Drive up a mountain, then hike down it. cool. If were following on snapchat– thats were I got my “si, se puede” motto— the signs of encouragement on the hike 😉 

in the banana and avocado trees. happy place. 

hello pretty views. 

hello tiny people. 
This was one of my favorite meals. It was just like being at home. watermelon, black beans, fried plantains, avocado, and tortillas. the “vegan savory breakfast” so good. I devoured all of mine— mostly because I didn’t eat much the day before from my stomach being a bit upside down from the trip. And poor Marlowe had her first troubles with travel tummy during this trip– on this day too. But a few drinks of kombucha and the owner of Earth Lodge being amazingggg and grabbing a probation that she gives her kiddos– and Marlowe was god to go by the end of the evening. Weeeeeeeee.
Also, I knew they grew avocados in Guatemala, but I Wasn’t sure which variety. It makes sense that their crops are primarily Hass. They’re weather seems more in line with California than with Florida 🙂 
And Miss Marlowe, post lunch, surrounded by bananas. Why are we such fruit and veg and farm loving people?! I don’t know. But I’m so happy we’re all fruit geeks. Speaking of fruit geeks– I have another big tropical fruit post coming soon 🙂 
I hope you guys are all having an amazing week! 


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