I don’t know if I’ve ever audibly gasped at a view before. Maybe at an event or shocking incident– but to gasp on entering a town? This was the first time. The drive from Guatemala City to Antigua was a bit longer than expected, but well worth the wait. As we pulled into town the driver said, “welcome to Antigua.” I looked up, and gasped. I knew Antigua would be beautiful and had so many things that I’m so interested in, but I never expected it to give me that first impression like that. If you had asked me in July what has been my favorite place to visit, I would have said India. But now? Antigua, for sure. I mean, India still has the most magical place in my heart— theres no questioning that, but something has been pulling me towards Antigua for too long. Alex will maybe kill me for writing this– (overshare) but I was bummed that I would be getting my period on this trip and whining about it a few days prior to the trip. At one point, Alex turned to me and said “maybe it’ll be good to have it there. A Mayan moon release.” At which point I realized, I married the right person for me. And he realized, “I can’t believe I actually just said that.”— winning all around 😉 Well Antigua worked all it’s magic— in my eyes, heart, and maybe in my lady moon region too, haha. 
Marlowe and I haven’t had a girls trip (outside of visiting my moms home in Massachusetts) since our girls trip with Laura and Katie— wait no, we JUST went on a girls trip to California— man my head doesn’t like to count US trips as trips– but they totally are. ANYWAY— we haven’t left the country on a girls trip in a while– and we were both pretty excited about this one. Celia + Luna were amazing travel friends for us. Also super laid back, happy with anything, and wonderful dance partners too 🙂 I think my only issue with them was that they didn’t love chocolate. WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHOCOLATE?! Come on! The good news about that was that Marlowe and I got to eat any chocolate they didn’t want 😉 So I guess it worked out.  
Early morning flights. PSA: overnight oats are frowned upon as a ‘take on plane food’– apparently they qualify as a liquid not a food. They let us slide— thankfully. I would have cried otherwise, haha. But man, they almost didn’t let our oatmeal through! 
best travel buddy. 

cobblestone streets everywhere. Giant town buses and school buses everywhere. And every building and corner was so fantastically pretty. 

flowers everywhere too. 

The first day we arrived into Antigua around 2pm. Bless that time difference. It was a bit overcast and on and off rainy, but we were excited to explore– so we dropped our bags and hit the streets. 

Per recommendations of a few people, we headed to Sabe Rico for late lunch/early dinner. It was gorgeous. Marlowe and I had a bit of trouble with the food, but the scenery made up for it. 

Marlowe’s veggie tacos. We brushed off the tiny dust of cheese and she skipped the coleslaw. 

I had ordered a mushroom burger, but the sauce on it labeled “mostaza” (mustard) seemed to be more of a mayo than a mustard. We brought it home for Celias breakfast 😉 And I ended up ordering this soup (not photographed) with all these crazy greens in it. It was basically health in a bowl. I’d get it again.

Afterwards we just happily wandered in the rain. Well, Celia and I were happy the girls were maybe a bit more looking forward to sitting at home at that point. But they were troopers. Seriously, some of the two best kids to travel with. We got lost a few times– but after day two or day three I think I got it a bit more down. I have to say, I’m usually on top of my direction game. Once I get my basic sense of left and right in a town, I’m good 🙂

And this was us. Sheer happiness in the wet air, under a cloudy sky, with volcanos surrounding us. Perfect.




  1. This makes me miss you gals and Antigua so much!!!! You can have ALL of our chocolate next trip too. PS: Pffft! These are great photos!!! I don't know what you were laking about.

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  4. Your trip looked beautiful! I've been reading your blog for a long time and know you're into natural health care so I'm curious what you and Marlowe do about travel vaccines? When I went to Costa Rica I didn't get one but was then nervous to eat fresh vegetables.