Celia and I (and our girls of course) have been having such a blast here in Antigua— so much fun! Everything is so-so-so-so beautiful. Her and I have never traveled together— unless you count our all day miami excursions (but I don’t), but the four of us (her, me, + our two kiddos) make a real good travel team. I can’t wait to go through all the photos. Though if I’m being really honest, I haven’t taken as many photos as I thought I would– it’s like, I’ve just been too overwhelmed with beauty— that I dont even take a photo. I stop and stare– and sometimes I have to remind myself “hey take a photo, girl” — it’s just too amazing.

But anyway, a few days before our Guatemala trip, the family drove down to Miami and had a great day doing the things we love best, markets, exploring, food, whatever. Celia and Luna joined us. And we all had a great, sweaty day.

ginger. love the colors. 

Marlowe often makes this face when telling stories, haha. 

so excited about these peppers…. why?

After the farmers market (where we all ate A LOT of fruit) we headed to wynwood to hang out. We also went out for tacos– which we often do together. Tacos are just so wonderful, everyone easily gets what they want 🙂

For Marlowe we usually order beans, rice, guacamole (not pictured) and tortillas and let her build her own.

cactus + quinoa for me por favor. 


We found random mulberry bushes on the city sidewalks of wynwood— of course we picked and ate them. 

my belly is showing. it weirds me out. 

eeeeeee face. 

also true. 
+ celis feet. cause, she’s worth it. 

After exploring a bit we found ourselves at wynwood yard for their reggae sundays. 
dinner at della test kitchen. all vegan— but like, REAL FOOD. I’m at the point where I get really annoyed with vegan restaurants serving mock meat– I love when places offer processed yummy things. 

with this garden behind me. we’ll def. be coming back here. 

my bowl + marlowe bowl. tempeh, rice, and veggies with loads of spicy avocado sauce for me. And rice, beans, avocado, and kale for miss marlowe. messy mamey custard for dessert. 

We had a great day. Dinner vibes were great too. We’ll def. be visiting again. The only not wonderful day was that Marlowe got her first bee sting and started screaming bloody murder. She survived– of course, but the girl is traumatized and so scared of bees now.

hi friend. 

icing her sting and alex doing her hair <3

We had a wonderful, sweaty summer day. I’m not sure how I feel about going back to the heat this week. I keep thinking it wont be so hot when I go back, but I know I’m fooling myself. Oh, florida. Alright friends, well, we have one last full day left in Antigua. I’m crossing my fingers for sunshine! The best days here have definitely been the sunny ones. Can’t believe this trip is coming to an end. It sort of makes me want to cry. <3<3 Hope you guys are having a great week!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous looking day….and btw, the food on the menu at della test kitchen looks absolutely delicious! I'm probably craving it, cause I live in such a tiny town, and can't find someone to cook food like that for me around here lol

    • I want it around my town too! We have have two places that offer vegan bowls. One is a vegan place and TERRIBLE. The other is really good, but only offer Mediterranean style— but that gets tiresome after a while 🙂