pretty stuff. 
I love New England wild flowers.
(shirt / shorts)

hahaha stuff. 
he went upstairs ‘to play with marlowe’ I went upstairs and found this.

noodle stuff.

noodles are my favorite. but for real. I’ve been okay without bread (gasp!) and I could def live with our rice. But noodles? I love noodles. this also reminds me that I wasp planning on making more veggie noodles when I got home but haven’t yet– I need to get on that! with a miso tahini dressing. mmm mmm mm.

chill stuff. 

‘she just keeps growing’ stuff

weird lighting stuff. 

why do my feet look fluorescent here? i feel like the photo quality on my phone has really gone down. like, the colors always seem off. who knows why. anyway, I like that my family keeps this hammock stored away and it only goes up when I’m in town 😉

lunch stuff. 

inspirational stuff. 

healthy stuff. 

spicy stuff. 

fluffy stuff. 

rainbow stuff. 

silly stuff. 

cute cousin stuff.

This is obviously a collection of little favorite things in New England— not Florida– and not recent. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by this summer! It feels like we just got to Massachusetts– or just got home from Massachusetts, but actually, we just got home from Guatemala! I’m still unpacking toiletries over here— while, in just two days, Marlowe will be starting kindergarten! Crazy, right?! We actually just got her enrolled today. Super timely, right? But in our defense, we couldn’t do it sooner. Well, we could at the school near us, but since she had qualified for a gifted program we had to do extra paper work to enroll her at a different school land it had to wait till now! Phew, making all the last minute minutes count! 
My stomach has sort of been a mess. Not sure why. Maybe just travel. I’m working on it though. The thing is I’m never sure what actually helps it or harms it anymore. Besides the obvious harmful stuff of course— gluten, alcohol, overly processed crap. You know. I’m still just trying to be okay with the fact that I don’t feel wonderful everyday—- but that I feel okay, and that has to be enough. Because I’m lucky to feel okay. I’m going to spend the next few days getting M ready for school– I don’t even know where one buys  uniforms, haha. And then packing once again for Alex’s and I’s trip to france– in just 8 or 9 days or so. I feel like this year will be a crazy one– it already has been. But thats okay. 
Alright friends, I’m going to figure out lunch, work on emails, and spend a bit more time with the kiddo before she heads off for long days at school. I hope you guys had an amazing week! Happy friday!

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  1. Lovely photos, I hope Marlowe enjoys starting kindergarten. I hope your stomach is feeling much better soon. I think your diet is the best it can be, you always seem so aware of what you're putting in your body, and over time it will surely make you stronger. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx