Happy friday, friends! how are you? As I write this, I’m about 30,000 ft up (give or take) on our way to Paris. I did pretty well on the over night flight. I think I slept maybe 3 hours on the flight?! Impressive for me. Alex and I are looking forward to exploring the markets of France, but to be quite honest, I’m not as excited as I would be if, say we were in Mexico or Guatemala. Tropical fruit rules my heart… and my gut… and my life. But still, I’m always happy to try a new berry or whatever else 😉 So speaking of fruit, I know you guys enjoyed my last giant fruit post I did a few months back—- so since then I’ve been collecting photos of more tropical fruits in our area to share with you guys. We’re seriously so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing fruits growing right in our own neighborhood and so many right next door. So so so so lucky.

jackfruit growing in the neighborhood. 

and inside jackfruit. man, this fruit is a dinosaur beast. Sticky icky. The latex doesn’t come off! But mmm it tastes like the most delicious bubble gum.  

guanoabana and some mangoes. 

Florida avocados. 

mangoes, we love you. 

okay fine, garlic is an herb and not a fruit, but look how big this guy is!

longons, dragon fruit, passionfruit. 

chocolate pudding fruit. aka black sapote. 

plantain love

backyard guavas. 

avocados, papayas, and marlowe’s favorite: rambutans. 

weekly load. 

Did you know approximately 30 million Americans live in food deserts? Aka live in areas without easy access to quality fresh fruits and vegetables? That’s crazy! I mean, even my friend Lauren who moved to Ohio was telling me she’s lucky if she can find a variety of greens in her neighborhood supermarket. As someone who lives primarily off vegetables (and more and more fruits these days), I find that so difficult— difficult to understand and difficult to live in. Apprently, 50$ of Miamian’s (you know, people from Miami) are unaware food deserts are a problem in the US—- and considering how many farmers markets we visit on our day trips to Miami, I can understand why they find it difficult to believe. But whether we see the problem in front of us, or believe it or not, the problem is right here in our own country. 
Besides promoting more farms and supporting more local farmers in your area— what can you do to help? Well, Wholesome Wave is partnering with Naked Juice with another #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign. For every fruit and veggie self shared on social media (with the tag #DrinkGoodDoGood), Naked Juice will donate 10 pounds of produce to communities in need. Pretty nice, right? And easy! Last year when they did it, I went crazy and tagged like 15 fruit photos, haha! Fruit selfies for everyone! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend—- get out and explore some forms or markets and take some fruit selfies, k? Happy friday!


  1. I have never seen several of these. Especially not in our stores. We have only one farmers market here and very few stands. None of which are year round and offer very slim variety.

  2. Some of these fruits are totally new for me!
    I'm not sure though if everyone in the country, or the entire world, should eat such amounts of fruits all year round.

  3. Have you tried jackfruit bbq? That seems like a thing now. Jackfruit bbq sandwiches. Had no idea jackfruit looked like that! Interesting.

  4. 1. I'm with marlow- rambutans are the best fruit in the history of ever. 2. Yesssss! Jackfruit totally tastes like bubble gum. ��