Hi friends! How are you? I’m pretty good!

Sitting at my computer figuring out if I’m hungry, thirsty, or just bored, haha. This hurricane thing is supposed to be hitting us tonight/tomorrow. I think a lot of people seem to really be over-doing it. I really think everything will be fine. I’m sure the power will go out and they’ll be broken trees and what not, but I really really believe everything is going to be totally okay.

Either way I thought I would come here, check in and say hey, it’s going to be stormy over here! I should mention, it’s currently wednesday and the weather has been sunshine all day— though you can tell there is a wind in the air thats a bit different. Marlowe’s school has been cancelled this week. I got a flight waiver from my airline– I was suppose to fly north friday. I didn’t officially cancel my flight yet though, cause I still have hopes that the storm will pass and I’ll be able to fly north and watch Lisa get married. Only mother nature will tell. Alex’s work has been back and forth on whether or not they will be open or closed– meaning that employees would have to stay overnight. Again, not overly worried over here I actually messaged two friends last night that were downtown in big window apartments offering them our home to sleep in– one said yes, so hey, if anything hurricane girls night.

Right now I’m forever grateful for our water filter. I didn’t have to buy any water (other than a thing of coconut water I was craving, ha). No plastic bottles everywhere, weeeee! And no money spent, weeee! Again, seriously the water filter is no where near sponsored– I just REALLY recommend it. Game charger as far as clean water + usefulness.

We moved a lot of the plants in the back, took down all the hammocks and hanging chairs, and built a bigger roof for chickens– but if it gets REALLY bad, then they may end up squished in a tiny dog cage in the house. We’ll see. Again, not nervous, haha.

I have a book to read– two actually. Tons of coloring books– these are our favorites. And I actually made my way to the craft store today— to buy myself an activity. (This is where I get weird) and you know what I bought? Plastic bobbins to wrap a giant pile of embroidery thread thats been sitting in my closet. My only fear is that I didn’t buy enough bobbins and I’ll have to wait until after the storm to go back and by more, haha!

But seriously, I think the hardest part about the storm is not eating all the snacks we bought in one day. And two, not eating them in general. I’ve been really good about this whole transitioning to raw vegan thing —  I managed to do it the whole day– even salt and oil free! And salt is my weakness! I without a doubt will say yes to the tortilla chips when the guacamole get made. Which I shouldn’t do, not just cause the salt but because corn doesn’t love my body any more– but I mean, whats the fun of being stuck in doors if you can’t enjoy your snacks? But yeah, I’ve been feeling this detox hard. Today was good though— I’ve been uncharacteristically full and I’ve been full of energy. Who knows, maybe this raw vegan thing really will be the answer. Only time will tell.

For now, I’m going to sit and tediously wind bobbins, hang with friends, entertain my kid, enjoy fruit and non fruitarian things and hope for the best for this weekend! And I’ll probably be continuing to over-snap my boring hurricane snaps– mostly focused on my new friend, possum. But seriously, fingers crossed this storm comes and goes with little to no damage and I can get on a plane on friday! We will see.

Hope you guys are having a great week. And if you’re in the path of the storm, well, I hope you stay safe, dry, and with loads of snacks <3<3

-photo taken by my new friend, nico. me, in the bushes. seems fitting for hurricane post, maybe?
-ps. wish me luck with these car alarms. the alarms + sirens have been going off like crazy and the storm hasn’t even started yet! 😐


  1. When other people around me get restless and worried I tend to stay overly calm. I don't know why that is. Maybe to protect myself.
    Anyway, I hope it won't be too bad.

  2. Good to hear you are prepared for the hurricane. I have been thinking about my friends in the Caribbean and Florida and hoping all will be well. Stay safe Drea. CJ xx

  3. I hate to say it, but you have lost a long-time reader with your insensitive comments about Hurricane Matthew here and on Instagram. People are not overreacting or "over doing-it". Were you living in South Florida when Hurricane Andrew hit and caused total devastation to Homestead? My entire family lives on the barrier islands of Brevard County and there is a real possibility they will come home to nothing. Please, before you sit down and write one of your selfish posts, consider the lives that have already been lost and impacted by this huge storm and the potential devastation it will have on other parts of the State, not just your oasis of West Palm Beach.

    • I'm sorry to have offended you. I'm in no way demeaning the power and damage a hurricane can do. And I'm not belittling the horrible damage that has been done with past hurricanes. We are here in an oasis in west palm, which is why I'm writing about the 'over-doing it'. Most everyone is safe in their concrete homes and boarded windows and if not, then in a shelter– we are lucky here and there is absolutely no denying it or trying to hide it. I'm keeping a positive spirit in my home for my family and about my town for when and after this storm hits. Sorry again.

    • yes yes! we're good so far, but it's not supposed to hit for another 8 hours or so 🙂

  4. I was watching the evacuation procedures in Charleston on TV this morning and wondering about your family. I don't know exactly where you're at or where the brunt of the storm hits but I was thinking about you. And feeling weird about it because we've never met. 😛 But I love the way the internet has opened me up to people in places I've never known. I'm from Kansas for crying out loud. I've never had a hurricane, before. We're tornado people.

    Glad you're in a safe space stocked up on snacks and chickens.

    • we're in west palm, it's supposed to be a category 4 when it hits here. so far it's been pretty calm, we'll see!

      Tornados have popped up a few times in conversation– they scare me far more!