Hi friends! How are you? We’ve been having an amazing time exploring guatemala, I’ve walked over 25 miles so far and we’re aiming to take a hike in the morning before we have to catch out plane. I basically haven’t turned my computer on at all— so things are pretty okay (good) over here. Regardless, the weight of the world is pretty heavy right now, isn’t it? I think so. And I think most would agree. So while I’m working on getting my butt over to Florida I thought I would share this post from last summer– of baby goats and cute kids– and stuff like that– cause who doesn’t love and smile when they see baby goats?!

oh and in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when goats chew on your hair FYI. Goat spit is cute too, I guess.

aaaaand in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when a llama decides your hat looks like lunch. 

preggo goats and cute kids. 

that llama mama again. 

seriously, how does one not feel joy with baby goats?? I mean, unless one poops on your maybe, but otherwise: pure love.

this one fell asleep on me…. so like, my dreams in life all came true in that instant. ps. this place is a animal sanctuary for farm animal friends. No baby (or parent) animals were harmed– just loved. 

cat girl. I wish I didn’t have my allergies man. I’d totally let her get a cat or a bunny. 

Alright friends. This ends todays session of “5 month old photos that make drea happy because: baby goats.” I hope you guys have an amazing week. I’ll be at home doing laundry, gardening, not giving up coffee, and dreaming of all the places I want to head off to.

Thanks for the love in all the madness too. Happy to say we all had a really good time in Guatemala together. We ate SO MUCH chocolate. There were goats too. <3


  1. All of your Antigua pictures make me want to visit so bad! And baby goats, I'd die — so cute!!

  2. Ha ha! I would never thought I'd listen so much about goats from you, Drea!! But I get it now, baby goats rule 😉 ha ha! I am so convinced Guatemala makes you (anyone) so happy, that I really want to visit one day!