Hi friends! Happy monday! How was your weekend?! Ours was eventfully unproductive. Today (sunday) felt especially long with this damn time change. I really dislike the fall time change that happens. I like my evening hours. But I’m trying to think positively— you know, that this might help me wake up earlier? Maybe. One can hope. The weather has been cloudy cloudy cloudy for over a week now. A few peeks of the sun, but not much. Marlowe and I tried to make the best of it and head to the beach with he clouds and strong wind and all for a dinner picnic. Marlowe suggested we have the sushi picnic we had the other day, but to be honest, I was waaaayyy too lazy to make sushi and suggested that we have “sushi bowls” instead. She was in. We kept it super simple and topped it with our favorite miso sauce and voila, the easiest, and super filling and healthy dinner for the two of us. Marlowe said she’d like to start eating this for lunch too. I’m down. This travels super well and with the exception of the rice, is super quick to make! Hooray!

You’ll need: 
-1 cup brown rice (or sushi or white rice), prepared as directed
-1 cup green peas
-1/2 to 1 cup shredded carrots
-handful of favorite greens or sprouts. I used sunflower sprouts + mixed greens
-sliced cucumber
-handful of cilantro
-1 – 2 cups thin sliced cabbage
-1 cup soaked + drained seaweed (we love wakame)
-1 batch of our favorite miso dressingHow to:
-place rice in bowl and top and pile on all the veggies and seaweed. if taking to go, allow rice to cool a bit first.
-add dressing when ready to eat
-eat and enjoy your health!For Marlowe/ add ons: I skip the cucumber and greens. She loves loves wakame, so I’m pretty content watching her eat bunches of that. We pile on carrots, cabbage, seaweed, and peas for her. Tofu too when we have it. Depending on her mood, she either really wants or DOES NOT WANT avocado at all, haha. And she loves the miso dressing, but preferably just on the seaweed 🙂 I’m okay with all of it. The girl knows what she likes and still eats healthy, a win all around 🙂 I also like to add tempeh on mine sometimes, but I happily skip it to keep the whole thing extra simple and easy.
And voila, super easy and delicious rice bowls– great for home, work, on the go, at the windy beach, whatever! Well friends, it is now 9pm on sunday night and I am exhausted. I’m off to bed– meeting with Marlowe’s teacher tomorrow, since the other meeting got rescheduled, and fingers crossed, there will be some sunshine and a beach day. Oh and definitely packing too– or at least doing laundry to start the packing process :)Have a wonderful week friends! Thanks again for being here– always appreciated :)SaveSave


  1. This looks amazing! I've been scouring the internet for quick postpartum recipes, and this would be great! I'm teaching my husband to cook, because he couldn't cook ANYTHING! and its starting to feel like a job,but I will love it when he's making me edible food when this baby arrives!


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