HI friends! How was your monday? Mine was super good. The weather was again perfect. Not sunny enough for the beach, but perfect regardless. I ate A LOT of fruit today. I mean, I do everyday, but today it felt like more than usual. Some days Marlowe will ask if she can eat totally raw too. And I tell her, “yes, as long as you eat some greens, you can.” But then usually by dinner time we’re both wanting something warm, haha. Did I mention hat both our tummies were a bit rocky this week? Post guatemala funk I think. I was just a bit queasy all week and both of us were serious lacking in appetite. Which was sort of amusing because Marlowe was like a little garbage disposal while we were traveling. Every hour the girl was devouring another plate of food! We’d have breakfast, then lunch, then she’d ask if we could get her some tacos, then she’d still have dinner and a snack! It was hilarious– maybe due to the excessive amount of walking we did? Or maybe the overabundance of tacos– who knows, haha.

But since we’ve come home, it’s been a bit harder for her to eat. Over the past three days, it’s gotten a lot better, but the first week home was rough for both of us. Happy it’s passed/passing 🙂 Here are some meals Miss Marlowe has eaten lately– some before Guatemala, some after 🙂

yellow daal. currently one of her favorite dishes.

cole slaw, black beans, brown rice, sweet plantains. she was mad I put the greens in the coleslaw, but ate it anyway.


snack time. Marlowe is super funny about hummus. She basically only likes mine and my moms. And refuses to even try store bought hummus. But who can blame her? Most store bought hummus is grossssss. I’ve started making it more oil free— I was nervous she wouldn’t like it, but she still does. Loads of garlic too of course 🙂

pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes.

veggie noodle stir fry.

green soup.

mushroom bolognese– on this wonderful day. this was my plate, she didn’t eat the side of greens — as she told me, “I only like arugula on my pizza” — whatever.

super quick tomato and greens pasta sauce on top of a bunch of peas, cause why not.

quinoa and bean chili, side of corn chips, and avocado. man, this one was have and hurt my tummy. my stomach can’t eat five bowls of chili like it used it.

weird colored black bean soup + oven fries.

acai bowl under a blanket, because: florida girl problems.

more rice, beans, and plantains, this time with kale chips. very standard meal around here.
And of course, most of these recipes are in The Plantiful Tablebasically all the pasta ones. Honestly, I felt like I was in a cooking rut this month so I sat down with Marlowe and went through the cookbook with her to have her choose some of her favorite meals again. THIS morning actually. Then we went to the store to pick up the ingredients– so this week is looking more delicious. We made the mushroom bolognese and the split pea soup. Bought some eggplants to make THIS eggplant pasta too. I think I might also try to make the lentil fritters in cookbook too– but baked?? Not sure if it’s possible, but I’ve always wanted to try. And loads of yummy lettuce wraps too.
Alright enough food talk (for now). I’m off. Hope you guys are having a delicious week. If you’re a bit stuck, maybe flip through The Plantiful Table too? 😉


  1. I am primarily a dal-eater too. Being Indian, it's always been in my weekly diet. I make it Andhra style which is a little bit spicy but just as tasty.

  2. Wow that's amazing! I'm so in love with beans myself, and my stomach has to suffer all the bloating and gas afterwards (oops). Can you make a post on what fruity green things you put into your smoothies? Enjoy the weather. 🙂

    • My stomach gets gassy if the beans are cooked enough– like, last night we did a split pea soup and I didn't want to wait the full cooking time so I blended them and hoped for th ebst– but I've been gassy since. But normally if they are soaked and cooked well I don't have a problem! Marlowe used to get super gassy but since we did the raw/fruit switch (she's not allowed to eat fruit or raw food AFTER eating cooked for) she has zero gas pains now!

  3. All looking delicious. I'm especially liking the look of those plantains. We have to hunt for them here so I haven't had any for a while. Isn't it odd how store-bought stuff can be so different? What do they DO to it?! CJ xx

    • It's funny because plantains grow VERY easily here in FLorida– they're everywhere– yet we can only find non organic ones from other countries in the market!

  4. Just wanted to echo what Malayka↑↑ has said, your cookbook is awesome and a total go-to for my family. It is possibly our most used cookbook – bravo

  5. Love this series! Everything always looks soooo good. I've been mostly vegetarian all my life but since seriously upping my greens I have totally lost my appetite for dairy too (not that I ate a lot, but I've been a life long yogurt addict!). I'm sure I've written this hear a million times but your cookbook is still always a constant go-to for me.

    • Thank you! This makes me so happy.

      Curious: for greens, have you been doing mostly cooked? salad? How do you like them? I wish I could LOVE greens, but I don't, I just like them. I do love them i a brothy soup though 🙂