Happy everything, friends.

How was your holiday weekend? Ours was super low key. Our friends left us Thursday and it’s been slow and quiet around here since then. I’m ever so slowly organizing my life. The house feels upside down, though I know it doesn’t look that way on the outside.

I made it through this week with two sick people here– Alex’s snot everywhere. And I didn’t get sick. I felt off one day, like I was for sure fighting it, but it never really hit me. And it feels so good. I mean, it sucks that Alex got sick– it really sucks. But man, it feels good to finally be back on my feet– to have my body be strong enough to finally fight off germs. It felt like I was never going to recover my immune system– like I was destined to catch everything that came my way post c. diff. But no, I’m finally stronger. Like the germs were STRONG in this house. Alex was under three blankets and a sweatshirt shivering sick. And I made it out okay. Marlowe too. She woke up Christmas Eve with a bit of boogers, but never got full on sick either. I’m so grateful for it.

My life my totally still be upside down and I may still have no idea what happening in my life and home and relationships and future, but I’m so grateful that at least my health is getting back on track. It feels good. Really good.

Oh and my computer crisis? Well, that seems to be all rectified too. My pictures have all been recovered. My computer was repaired. My laptop seems mostly organized. And I’ve uploaded all my pictures online so I don’t have to worry about losing them again. I’m getting it all together. The lady at Apple was a bit ridiculous though. I asked her what the chances of my computer crashing again were…. since it was only 6 months old and the hard rive completely crapped out. Her response? “It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. They’re all going to crash.” Me: “yeah, I mean, I guess I get that, but this was six months old.” Her: “It’s going to happen” HA! I mean, talk about customer support and really standing behind a quality product. Man. Stuff like that feels crazy to me. But I guess I gotta hope for the best and hope that the when is 6 years from now, not 6 months from now, ya? Either way, everything is backed up. So thats good.

I booked a flight to Mexico this week too. Seems to be a habit that whenever I’m with my friend Nicolle , one of us ends up planning another trip. Last time we visited her in CA, I booked my trip to Guatemala. I think the moral of the lesson here is that I need to hang out with Nicolle more? Who knows. I’m excited to head back south. It just makes me more grateful to live in Florida where everything in the Central Americas and Caribbean is so close. This trip will be just be me and Celia. I don’t remember the last time I went away with just a girlfriend and no Marlowe or Alex– no wait– maybe India? Probably India. I’m looking forward to a relaxing and exciting getaway for sure.

Our Christmas was quiet. Christmas Eve was dinner with family and then I sat alone and drank some wine– which is significantly less depressing than it sounds, haha. But Marlowe was sleeping, the house was quiet, and I’ve been craving wine lately, so I did just that. A romantic night to myself, haha. Christmas Day was spent at the beach. We promised Miss Marlowe a bike this month, since she out grew her old one– and we’ll probably be making that happen this week or next week. She doesn’t expect or demand, she’s just happy. She’s such a good kid— a really, really good person. I’m grateful for her. We had a good weekend together, no frills or presents required 🙂

Alright friends. I know the world is rough right now and 2016 has been nothing short of a disaster in so many ways, but I hope your lives are going well– that you’re making them as wonderful a you possibly can. I’m off to get ready for bed and put on a sad love movie my friend recommended. I expect it to be 1000% better than the Dawson’s Creek thing I still have going on 😉

Happy almost new year, friends.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I envy you! I spent the Holiday enduring endless harassment over my vegan lifestyle choice… *sigh* I am looking to break free from the traditional Christmas myself, one day I hope to have as peaceful a Holiday as it seems you had! Happy you're happy Drea!

    • oh man. this makes me mad for you. I understand when people don't choose to be vegan– but giving people a hard time about a very practical, healthful, and sustainable way of eating in this time of awareness? Silly man. Sorry you dealt with that!

      Happy new year!

    • it was called blue jay or the blue jay. it's on Netflix. I liked it a lot. Gave me a lot of weird warm fuzzy feelings 🙂

  2. You do Christmas so beautifully. Glad it was a lovely day and that you're healthy and strong. Have a good week Drea. CJ xx