Listening: to Pete Yorn at my desk— I’ve been in love with that man for 15 years. But in the car I’ve been enjoying driving to the Donavan pandora station.Reading: this book— about 30 minutes during the day. And then another 25 minutes at a time while I’m in the student pick up line for Marlowe.

Watching: Dawsons Creek. I know I know. I go through phases where I like to watch something mindless. For me, it’s either watch nothing, watch a documentary, or watch the most mindless garbage ever. Currently: Dawson’s creek. Though I gotta tell you, every time the *new* intro song comes on, I’m like, “I really need to turn this show off.” It’s just not the same show without the Paula Cole song.Smelling: bananas. The house often smells like bananas because we have so many at a time in here, haha. I’ve been buying them in bulk! so crazy how I could go from them being my least favorite food to the one I eat most now. At least 5 a day! Whoa.

Craving: pineapple. Always. Other than that, I rarely crave anything anymore. Also on the food front: I’ve been high carb, low fat raw until dinner with zero complaints. Actually loving it. And honestly, if I didn’t have to cook for Marlowe every night, I’d probably half more fruit for dinner most nights.

Loving: meeting strangers. Lately I’ve just been loving getting to pick the brains of people I don’t know.

Working on: organizing my computer life. I think I’m going to upgrade my laptop to a lighter one and give Alex my older one. I’ve been sitting at my desk most of the week (the weather has been asking for it anyway) going through thousands of photos to delete the ones I don’t need and hopefully eventually print the ones worth keeping. It’s so tedious. And honestly? I normally really really enjoy tedious tasks. But not this one…. other than the chance to see photos that make me smile. Like this one…

(Though I don’t really miss this old place… not anymore.)

Wanting: more physical activity. I miss walking 6+ miles everyday in Guatemala.

Needing: better quality sleep. It’s been iffy lately. Guess it’s due to the minimal physical activity.

Looking forward to: friends visiting and possible girly trips to Mexico and/or elsewhere.

Overthinking: everything. Like usual 🙂

How are you guys doing? I’m good! I went out this weekend with my friend Christine who was in town. It was a really nice time– a nice change up from the norm. Not sure what this week looks like for me, I was hoping to get out in the garden more and the beach, but it’s been rain rain rain all week. We’ll see how the weather changes (or doesn’t) this coming week 🙂 What are you guys up to? Gearing up for the holidays? Overwhelmed? Excited about everything? I’ve just been in a nervous but excited phase lately. I’m not the only one, it seems like a lot of the people surrounding my life feel it— the intense uncertainty of the near and far future. Like now, more than ever the possibilities and options are endless. I can feel it. I just want o never deal with sickness again and keep living this crazy life with a positive mind 🙂

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Let me know if you’re looking for any posts in particular. Things about my diet, home stuff, garden, whatever! 🙂

Happy Monday!

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  1. I recently rewatched a few Dawson's Creek episodes too! I really have to say, there is nothing sexually appealing about Dawson at all for me. What an odd character, right?!