Hiiii friends! I’ve been sloppy with posting lately. I used to post every night around 11 pm or every morning at 7 am, like clock work, but lately I just can’t get on a schedule. I mentioned it before, but I think the biggest thing that has contributed to my lack of consistent blogging is my new abundance of sleep… so like, even though it makes me sort of lazy, it’s really just a good thing. I could use some extra sleep right now. I’ve been teeth grinding a bit more this week (a year later, I still do that everyday since my visit to the hospital). Still not sure what it is– not parasites, not stress, seemingly not anything else. But anyway, I’m on a sleep tangent.

Things are good. I know I keep saying it, but the weather is great. Marlowe still wants to be home schooled. My life is still sort of all over the place. And I still just want to travel every day and obsessively look up flights each week. Thinking west coast is on my agenda for upcoming trips. Yeah, things are good. I have a lot to say and nothing to say at the same time. I’ll write more later. For now, I want to get off the computer and get outside– basically my life mission lately. Honestly, thats my biggest pull to Guatemala– that all the houses are strutted to use natural air instead of AC, that the windows are just open, that you feel like you’re outside, even when you’re inside. I wrote about it before, but the living in one box and driving in another box to visit another box thing drives me nuts. So I am grateful when the weather cools down enough here to keep the windows open at least most of the time.  I was too sick to enjoy it last year. So you better believe I’m soaking in every bit of it this year. Life is short, enjoy it.

a walk down a mountain after driving up a mountain. see more photos: HERE

That’s Miss Celia— the photographer of this post. I got to see her face yesterday too. overtime I basically just try to convince her to live next to me. YOU CAN DO IT.

chocolate haters, but gilmore girl lovers.. I guess we can hang. 

just like me… always finds the animal she can pet. 

Being super tuned out and lazy at Molly’s house. 

luna y luna. 

more outside please. 

my lady.

Celia and I both saw a psychic yesterday. One of those ones with a table set up on the sidewalk. It was random, but fun. The psychic took paypal, so it made sense. Haha. She said some interesting thingssssss.

Hope you guys are having a great week! I’m going to run and take care of errands (more uniforms for Marlowe, bananas for me, etc etc.) then be outsideeeeee.

ps. Sharing c. diff resources this week. Super exciting, right? Nah, but maybe hopefully for those of you with loved ones fighting it. Hopefully.

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And a baby goat post: HERE, because I wa just scrolling through my blog looking for something and Alex stopped me to say, “wait, was that just a whole post on a baby goat?” YES, YES IT WAS.

Happy thursday!

photos by celia d. luna.


  1. "living in one box and driving in another box to visit another box thing drives me nuts" – I completely agree! I just got back from Greece and while I was there, windows and doors were always open, people ate dinner outside every night, and everything was in walking distance. Then I come home to MI and it's back to the "box to box" life. Uff. At least I have a giant sliding door/wall onto my balcony…but some things just aren't the same in America!