Hola friends! How are you! I’m patiently waiting for our dinner spot to be opened tonight so I can eat! So I figured I should be productive and put together a post in the meantime? So here we are with a post about food, haha. Can’t wait to see this little girl tomorrow. Totally bringing her with me next time. The weather has been perfect here. The food has been amazing. Celia and I have made so many new friends. It’s been an amazing trip. We have a few hours tomorrow before our flight. Hoping to sit at the beach for a while and visit some of the cenotes at the hotel before we head out. Anyway, loads of photos to come. And in the meantime— Marlowe FOOD.

snackssssss. hummus, carrots, apples, and cherry tomatoes (tomatoes for Audrey, because Marlowe and I are the same and only enjoy cooked tomatoes)

apples, banana, chocolate hemp granola.

Ethiopian foooood. She loves Ethiopian food so much. Have I told you guys that? She says its her favorite and that its waaaayy better than pizza. Thats my girl. We usually get her the yellow lentils and the collard greens 🙂

travel food. old photo I found from our guatemala flight, but maybe worth sharing? brown rice, carrots, cabbage, peas, and steamed kale.

calentado. (in cookbook).

Brown rice + peas, seaweed and carrots with carrots ginger sauce on top. and those cauliflower bites I shared the other day.

green banana smoothie.


chickpea salad with an avocado dressing instead of the vegan mayo, as we slowly remove oils from our diet 🙂

yellow daal, potato saag, brown rice. I want o share the saag recipe soon!

tomato + cabbage soup. Side of tortilla chips.
Alright friends! I hope you had an amazing and delicious weekend! I know I did. Everything was perfect– the only thing missing was music + dancing. Next time!


  1. When she was a toddler, did Marlowe ever go through a phase of not eating? My son is just over 2 and has gone from eating whatever is in front of him to being extremely fussy and only eating certain foods and even then only on certain days. I want my food monster back!

    • I wouldn't say she went through a not eating phase— but she def. has periods where she didn't want to eat certain foods she once loved. Like, avocado for instance. Sometimes she cant get enough. And sometimes she doesn't even want a bite. But it does/did pass.