Another What Marlowe Eats, weeeeee! I know you guys love these posts, so I’m trying to keep up with them. I’m super swamped this week— but I have a draft started for a recipe (it’s a super healthy one, don’t hold your breath for cake). and a bunch of other stuff. I’m filling up my calendar lately with to do’s– lots of good stuff. A lot of it involving the blog– actually probably most of it. But all happy good stuff for sure. Working on keeping the balance between business + feeding us well. Whenever we’re super short on time I end up making this miso soup and loading it with seaweed. It makes me so happy that Marlowe loves seaweed so much– its so nutrient dense! Also– that reminds me– I wanted to do a post about my boobs. I know that sounds like a weird side note, but its actually totally related. More on that later. ALSO. I was debating actually on doing a video on my boobs— that sounds wildly inappropriate. There will be no footage of my boobs, just conversation. Are videos something you guys are into at all? OR would you rather me just silly my brain via text? Let me know! Anyway, I’m off to pick up miss Marlowe from school— so here we go— what my vegan kid eats!

banana ice cream with raw chocolate granola and a cherry on top.

split pea soup (in cookbook)

raw cauliflower with marlines favorite ginger sauce (also in cookbook)

bowl of miso soup with side of steamed broccoli and brown rice at one of our favorite local places.

noodle bowl: buckwheat noodles, seaweed, peas, carrots, miso sauce.

this smoothie, sun out blueberries for strawberries. 
chunky cabbage and tomato soup.
turmeric coconut soup. basically THIS recipe but in soup form with noodles instead of rice.
red rice bowl.

another easy go to. cauliflower mash, peas, kale chips. 
and again, but with collards, her other favorite green. this recipe, but with collards instead of kale.
Before I forget, I’ll be down in Fort Lauderdale this Sunday and Monday At Orchard Hardware talking garden stuff. Have garden questions? Need south Florida garden advice? Come sign up and have a garden convo with me 🙂 More info on my Facebook or in store!
ALSO! Super exciting, Marlowe and I will be giving a vegan family talk at our local library in March. I think it’ll be super fun. I’ll share more info on that soon, but it’s schedule fro March 4th 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend friends! Maybe I’ll see you in Fort Lauderdale 🙂


  1. I hope Marlowe grows up to be a very happy healthy kid, my little sister would eat all the good stuff when we are all unearthly and natural, but then she sees cupcakes and forgets all about the environment and gut bugs haha 🙂 and yes please do a boob video! Can you please make a post one day about the kind of books Marlowe reads? You don't have to give names, just the type.. Whether they're fiction, math, know. Thank you xx

  2. Thank you so much for another post like this <3<3 I have stocked up on buckwheat noodles so that soup shall be on my agenda hehe!! and YES PLEASE to the boob video :))) I'm all for the video xox

  3. Yay for boobs!! After just coming to the end of breastfeeding for the 2nd time mine are all but gone :(. All this food looks soooo good. After being away for 2 weeks over Christmas and eating 'normal' people's diet my kids are suddenly turning their noses up at veges. Time to get back on track. Hey I would personally still love a post on what you guys do for snack food, because that's somewhere I really struggle a bit, we're consuming too many crackers and corn chips! xx

    • we eat a lot of corn chips too. well, Marlowe does. My tummy doesn't agree with corn anymore, so I eat minimal amounts of corn chips 🙂 But I shall do a post!