We’re heading off to road trip today! Tomorrow? Depends when you read this. It’s a super short one– we’re doing a much longer road trip at the end of April. SO this one I guess is the preparatory one– to get Marlowe used to it. I know I’ve mentioned it, but she’s not a big road turn girl like me. I mean, I sort of get it though– road tripping in Florida is NOT exciting. But I am excited for tomorrow, haha! We’re heading to the west coast– and you know whats crazy? I’ve NEVER been! I’m looking forward to checking out west coast beaches– it’s crazy how different a beach can be from another, you know? Even here in Florida. Like, we dont have sand dollars on the east coast– but the west coast is apparently swimming in them– and loads of seashells. Maybe I’ll find my first shark tooth, who knows.

The beaches in Puerto Rico were certainly different. The waves were HUGE. I’m not a surfer, but if I was, I would be excited. I did buy a wet suit once though– to attempt to go in the beach up north, I did not succeed.

My mom still laughs at it. I think she still has my wet suit too. Next time I’m up north, I’ll be trying that bad boy on— and not going in the water again.

I miss Puerto Rico. Finding food was often difficult, and it’s so much like Florida, but I do miss being there and hanging out with Christine every day. When she goes back, we’ll probably go back. And sit on the beaches there– even though we have beaches here. And eat acai bowls there– even though we have acai bowls here. And cook all the meals there that we can cook here, etc.

Because sometimes it’s nice just getting away— even if it’s to another place thats so much like home.

I’ve had a few friends comment on the frequency of me wearing these jeans. But I can’t help it. I made a pact to not buy new, non organic and non sustainable pants– and I can’t find another cut and fit that fits me like these. Is it terrible if.I break the promise to myself and buy another pair? No, but I know I shouldn’t. So until I find another pair of jeans that fit me like these, that are organic, I guess I’ll wear these everyday.

Within an hour of arriving I spotted this place and knew we’d have to check it out. We patiently waited until one day it was finally open. Then we went back three more times, haha.

why are acai bowls so good? 

always wanting to climb…

It was so rad– there were no sea shells at all– it was so rare to see one and then out of no where, this girl bends down and picks up a sand dollar! I’ve NEVER found a sand dollar at the beach. We were both SUPER excited!

We were cold. we cuddled. 

She wheres this dress everywhere. 

outdoor, sweaty and delicious lunch breaks.
I dont even know what this was– some sort of roasted root veggie thing with greens and who knows what else. It was pretty good though! 

So yeah! We’re heading west tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. If you guys happen to have recommendations, please do let me know– like I said, we’ve never been 🙂 Oh, and we’re bringing our stinky dog with us– so if you happen o know of a pet friendly hotel that doesn’t cost a million bucks, that’d be great too 🙂

Hope you guys are having a great week! It’s starting off a bit hectic, but good over here. Finally feeling like I’m getting better from last weeks death feeling. I even worked out again today 🙂 Feels good, maybe tomorrow I’ll have abs 😉 j/k

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. If you want a beautiful beach, Siesta Key is the place to go. The main public beach can get a little crowded, so stopping at Turtle Beach on the southern most point of the Key is always a safe bet.
    Owen's Fish Camp is a super fun restaurant in the downtown area with live music and a really cool backyard that Marlow would love to play in. Look it up for pictures- it's a must see. Not many vegetarian options so if you're looking for that try Lila downtown. They don't use straws either!
    St. Petersburg is fun too- I lived there a couple years go. The beaches are nothing compared to Siesta though. If you're looking for shopping, Central Ave has a bunch of vintage/ thrift stores and fun little restaurants for miles. The Dali museum currently has a Frida Kahlo exhibit which would make for some fun pictures and there's a park on the bay close by in the neighborhood "Old Southeast" that the puppy can run around in.
    I live in Sarasota and am very familiar with the towns on this coast so if you have any questions feel free to shoot an e-mail by.

    • Also, two pet-friendly hotels worth checking out:

      Postcard Inn on St. Pete beach:
      Touristy part of town but right on the beach and was recently remodeled. Interior has a cute beachy mid-century theme. Surrounded by local seafood restaurants and awful beach stores. lol

      The Hollander-
      Downtown St. Pete, within walking distance to Central Ave and Vinoy Park
      Their restaurant has great food and fun murals painted by local artists.

  2. Siesta key beach is amazing! The sand is like baby powder. If you have a chance, check it out… you won't regret it. It's about 45 minutes from saint pete. Columbia is an amazing restaurant in Sarasota. It is somewhat a chain in Florida but has amazing food. A lot of vegan options.

  3. Oh man, have fun! Anna Maria Island is supposed to be gorgeous, and they just opened a new and expanded Dahli Museum. Happy driving 🙂