Hi friends! Today in homeschooling we did a lot of writing. We started talking about this magical place after Marlowe was prompted to write about a trip she went on. I then realized that I never actually posted these photos! Which is crazy because while Marlowe and I were going through them (to write about specific moments), I kept saying, “this is my favorite photo from the trip!” (for basically every photo we scrolled past, haha). Well, actually THIS photo might be my favorite from our last Guatemala trip— but these photos come in second.

I’m itching for traveling again. We’re heading to Asheville at the month (Alex turns thirty and his favorite band is playing). And I’m positive that will be AMAZING. But for me, I always want to head somewhere warm and tropical. I still dream about moving to Guatemala one day, but right now my health comes first.

The days have been busy here at home. Between errands, catching up on life, homeschooling, my mom in town, and everything else— there hasn’t been much down time. But that’s okay. Ebb and flow, right? I think down time will come soon. I do feel more relaxed about everything though, which is (obviously) great. It feels vacation vibe around here– even with the never ending to do list. I think thats because there is no rush to do anything. It all happens when it’s supposed to. And theres no early wake up call when theres no school bell to catch. Honestly, the only place I want to walk dup early is in Guatemala. The birds sing SO loud at 6 am. It’s cold, sure. But it never stays cold— you know that in a few hours the sun will warm the entire area and soften your morning bones. It feels good.

I don’t mind home right now. The weather is just cool enough for me to feel comfortable and not suffocated. And vacation is just close enough where I don’t feel stuck. Things feel alright.

This year I’m looking forward to: more travel, warm days (and nights), sunshine, dinners with friends, lazy day getaways and adventures, and basically everything else we experienced this day in Guatemala. The constant thought running through my head is life is so short– why should we make it harder than it is? I want to feel all the good things and live life how it should be lived: with mindful joy and gratitude.I hope you’re having a great week friends.ps. If you’re wondering about the car, it was officially totaled. Luckily my dad was eventually going o sell his old truck so we bought that off him. Alex has been wanting a truck for-ev-er (we borrow my dads all the time) so it worked out. I hate the idea of so much gas being used— but I’m reminding myself of the bright side: easier gardening, drive in nights in the bed of the truck, and whatever else this brings. I’m just grateful that we were able to replace our car easily without digging into our savings and most importantly: that no one got hurt <3


  1. Hey Drea!

    Could you do another what you eat in a day post? I'm curious as to how much fruit and vegetables you eat in a day without going crazy on grains, which is what ends up happening with me.

  2. I love that sentiment and have been feeling that way completely these days – life is short so why make it harder than it needs to be? Simple pleasures are what matters – not working away your healthy years at a 9-5. Ugh. Get me out of the rat race

    • I'm obviously out of the 9-5—- was hardly ever in it besides maybe one 9-5 office job– but I can't keep doing the American lifestyle much longer. it's making me itchy.

  3. Your trip looks magical! And I get giddy every time you talk about homeschooling. I'm not the kind of person to tell everyone that they should homeschool but I do think it's pretty amazing. I've actually come to like my kids MORE by spending more time with them. <3

  4. Love your pictures. And oh how I wish I had access to your food. One of these days I will learn to cook. I keep promising myself this. You always inspire me. You are food goals, for real. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like Guatemala was a beautiful adventure.

    • thank you!

      honestly, with cooking, one step at a time. I started with learned how to sauté broccoli! then crockpot soups. And now here I am! the best thing you can learn how to do is season your food with Berns or spices you love and its pretty simple from there 🙂