Home has been good lately. If I’m completely honest, my stomach has been having another down week. It’s been both physically and emotionally. I actually wrote a really long post the other night on life two years after c. diff— the symptoms still present, whats gotten better, etc. etc. It’s scheduled to go live this week. For the most part I feel pretty good, it’s just that its still emotionally hard when my body slips back again. But thats okay. I’m hoping that whatever is going on now passes– and passes quickly. If I had to guess it might be hormonal– my hormones have been a bit weird since I started working out, but I don’t know. I really don’t know. We’ll see.We’ve been doing little home projects around here. The weather has been decent. The garden is growing. Things are good. I just gotta get good again too.

Smoothies with my colorful super hero.

I don’t think they’ll ever get tired of building legos.

fruit pie in bed.

super professional painting prep, haha.

going deep blue this time around. First time re-painting her room since we moved in.

Sometimes homeschool looks like this. #weloveoranges

a morning hangout spot outside.

No matter how often I moved this room around, I never loved it. I think I finally love it.

leftover cacti from laura’s wedding (photos coming soon <3<3<3) and bromeliads.

Sometimes our counter looks like a colorful and delicious cluster f*ck.

My bookworm.

Freshly cleaned sheets. New fav. detergent. ps. Cleancult is offering you guys your first bag free, just use code DREA17 at check out 🙂 Weee. I know you’ll love it too! It’s all natural of course— just clean stuff, no nasty chemicals 🙂

when you look like a tropical explorer in your very own yard 🙂
I hope you guys had a great weekend. We were entirely homebound with me feeling this way– but we’re hoping for some downtown by the beach and pool tomorrow. Fingers crossed that that cures everything.

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