Do you like tacos? I hope so because this post has more photos of tacos than any other post ever has (on my blog anyway). I don’t eat corn since I got sick, well not very often anyway. It’s not that easy on my belly. But when I travel? I make an exception. (I’ve had a total of six tacos on this Asheville trip). Also, I only know of one place around me that uses non-gmo corn— so theres that too. But yeah, when I travel: it’s game on.It feels like forever ago since I was in Mexico. Celia and I didn’t plan to be in the Yucatan the same time as a vegan festival– but life just magically worked out that way. So yeah, when life gives you a vegan taco competition at the hotel you’re staying at— you go (obviously).

And so we did. The festival itself was sort of okay. It was sort of strange because it had promoted a three day food, yoga, and music shin-dig, but none of the days had actual music. Celia and I were very confused by this— but felt reassured that we weren’t crazy when at least twenty+ of the people we met brought this up too. But whatever— I don’t care because personally, I only came for the tacos.

tacos from the sweet people of los veganautos

I mean, I didn’t come here to write only about tacos— or only show you guys pictures of tacos (though lets be real, that would probably be completely okay too!). I wanted to talk about good stuff— stuff that undoubtedly might be a bit vain– but makes me feel really good.

I’ve already written about how I always come home refresh and inspired after travel (so many times!). It makes me feel alive to meet so many new people with so many amazing ideas. But one of the things I’ve loved (very much) about travel lately has been the opposite thing— the realization that I too have been maybe inspiring people in my journeys. You guys know I’ve never been a pushy vegan– trying to shove it down everyones throats etc. Do I think everyone should be vegan? Yeah, it would probably be a really good considering the global damage meat consumption is causing. But I know thats not the reality. The situation is what it is and all I can do is my personal best. But yeah, even if I’m not standing on a platform yelling for everyone to be vegan, it feels good to know I’ve made some sort of difference in peoples lives. Every time one of you guys has emailed me or commented  (here or on another social channels) saying I’ve helped you with diet or lifestyle or changing to veganism it feels great. Really great. Like I am making some sort of difference. It’s truly one of my favorite things about blogging— if not my favorite thing.

Lately during or after traveling I’ve seen the impact of my lifestyle on others. How— I don’t have to convince anyone of anything. That I can just do what I want (like eat ten tacos) and people can see that a life filled with vegan tacos might actually be a good (great) idea. That maybe vegan tacos are actually substantially better (and more delicious) than animal tacos. I mean, it totally helps when you’re feeding people really delicious vegan options of course. (There are pretty bad vegan tacos out in the world too– trust me, I’ve tasted them, but we’re focusing the good ones in this post, okay?)

Not only have I left inspired on the last two trips that I’ve been on (Mexico and Puerto Rico), but the people I traveled with have come back from the trip with a new inspired view on food. (I love love love you Christine + Celia). My best friend Christine (I’ve known her 17-ish years) now makes ginger shots daily, juices often, and has made changes to her diet. Celia now makes smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies everyday. No where on our trips was I like, “hey guys. You’re doing it wrong, you gotta do life this way”– I just did what I did, answered questions when asked, and somehow, very thankfully, inspired others in a small way. And gosh, thats rad.

I guess the thing is— it’s hard to change your life around. You guys know that I ate like crap growing up. The closest thing to a vegetable was a french fry. I didn’t start making smoothies almost completely veggies and fruits overnight (and mostly raw too). You know? I didn’t actually start caring or making ANY changes until I was at least 22 (an entire decade ago). And yeah, my health took a major plunge with the c. diff, viruses, etc etc thing two years ago– but I am alive and doing substantially better. I can’t imagine the shape I would be in if I didn’t eat the way I ate and change my diet even more after the hospital. Even now (especially now?), I work on myself, I make changes as necessary, I try new recipes or new foods often. In everything, but especially in health, I’m working on working on. My goal every single day that I wake up is to improve myself. Whether it’s with my diet, food, knowledge, insight, attitude, whatever.

Just one little thing of improvement every single day.

Those little things add up…

and sometimes the first step starts with tacos.

Honestly the best tacos ever. Doesn’t mater if you’re vegan or not. They are they best. I literally dream about them. Also— I wrote this post almost a week ago… and now, Monday, I woke up to a text hearing that this place is closing. RIP charley’s vegan tacos.

I went into Mexico expecting a relaxing time on the beach. Left there happier than I could have imagined, braver than I thought I could be, and not only finding inspiration everywhere, but also inspiring others.

As humans I think we often forget that every single action we take– no matter how big or small creates a shift and makes a difference. Every purchase we make is important. Every word we speak (or type) is important. Every step forward we take is important not only for our own lives, but the lives of the people around us.

I just want to keep growing…

and hopefully inspiring others along the way.

Thank you guys so so much for being here. Whether you’re here everyday or just pop in from time to time, I’m grateful to share this space with you guys. Hopefully sharing bits of ideas and inspiration here and there— as you guys certainly inspire me too. I am grateful.

photos of me by: miss celia d luna.


  1. I only started reading your blog at the end of last year, but I really consider it a rare gem that I found it. You are definitely an inspiration and are now one of my most favorite blogs that I check back with daily. You seem very relatable to me, down-to-earth. It's also really rare for me to find someone who eats like I do 🙂

    ~Laurali Star

  2. Thank you Drea! You helped my family's diet too 🙂 We consult your cookbook really often and have learned so many diet (not only) related interesting information from your side!

  3. Thanks to you Drea.. you did not only help me with diet changes but also human interaction.. I love the posts explaining your relationship with Marlowe.. I love how you inspire learning everyday.. thank you for making our days brighter! <3