Hi friends!

I’m tempted to write, “hi pals!” just to mix it up a bit… but who needs that? Do you? Or are we could with continuing the, “hi friends!” theme of every post? You guys are my friends right?


So, speaking of friends… here are some moments with some of my favorite friends. I know I say it over and over, but Claudia was truly one of the first blog friends I made on ohdeardrea. Realistically, I had made blog friends prior to her– but that was with a different blog— not via ohdeardrea. Through ohdeardrea? She was my numero uno. And I’m constantly grateful for it.

Since I have known Claudia she has moved 5 times. I’ve visited 5 different houses that she has lived in, in two different states. And each house (home) has been equally and insanely inspirational. One of the things I’ve liked about Claudia, is that like me, she doesn’t follow trends. She’s always just decorated or dressed however she seems best. And it works. It always works.

A mishmash of happy stuff, thrown together to create inspirational magic.

I appreciate inspirational magic. I think a lot of us do 🙂

I’m grateful that I have been able to visit each one of these homes in the past five years (or so) that I’ve known her. If I missed a home, then it would have meant that I went too long without seeing her.

And I’m grateful to be inspired by her space each time I visit and each time I head back home.

Thats a serious selfie if I’ve ever seen one.
and a serious shelfie too 😉
mornings are always nice. We switched from HOT mornings to cold ones, to warmish spring ones.

And of course, it’s always so amazing to see these two girls grow up together. Not once have that had a fight or even a little quarrel. They get a long so incredibly well– they always always have.


I think a giant picture of me should go above the mantel, don’t you?
taking pictures of each other. I gave Marlowe an old point and shoot I had. Maybe Marlowe should do her own post soon 🙂
I love this space. Oh how I would love a room with nothing but windows 🙂

You know, her pouring vodka into a glass and me inside with my sunglasses on… we’re cool moms, heh.
“chilly” mornings with these two hairy guys.
I want to kidnap her.
smoothie hangouts.
I’ve decided I should travel more.. just so I have more photos of myself. I take so many more selfies while away. No idea why. But hi. also, it’s totally like claudia and I are in a picture together. Hi claudiaaaaa!
And pizza. It seems like pizza has become a tradition. And broccoli, cause: health and stuff.

Alright friends! I’m going to answer some emails and see if I can find some terrible reality show to watch after. I hope you guys are having a great week! It seems like the rain might be finally stopping here– let’s hope so! Cheers!

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