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How was your weekend friends?!

It’s STILL raining here. THREE WEEKS of this silliness. Maybe more. I know, I know. I probably complain every summer about it– and I just need to learn to get over it. And I think for the most part— I have been pretttttty good about it… it’s just this three week stretch driving me insane. But even in this stretch, we’ve been going here, there, everywhere— trying to make the best of it…. in raincoats. Or at least with a trunk full of raincoats, just in case.

We got a few hours of sun here and there this week. Followed by torrential downpours… and then more sun. On and off, back and forth. And we have now, three times(!) made our way to the beach to try to get in a bit of sun and fun before the rain strikes up again.

And one time this week? We actually got a bit! Maybe only 30-40 minutes or so, but I’ll take it!

We (especially I) always enjoy going to the same beach– it’s been my favorite for years. It’s basically the spot I know I can go to run into friends (for me and for Marlowe). It’s easy, not hassle, and quiet. And lately we’ve seen a lot of friends there– but often time’s its a quick, “Oh hey, you’re just getting there?! We’re leaving soon!” kind of run in— but still, it’s cool. This week (month really), I’ve tried to make it a point to actually text my friends and check in and make plans. And this past week? Well, it seemed like a good adventures week to try to get everyone out of the house in a quick rain break for some food, sun, fun, and wine. Well, food, fun, and sun for the kids…. wine for the adults. I texted some lady friends and said, “hey beach dinner date. grabbing take out from the super market, packing boxed wine, meet us at the beach” –and, well… my friends thought this was a brilliant idea. Maybe crazy with the rain… but brilliant. Brilliantly crazy.

Getting to the beach was easy. I had went to WF’s early that day and picked up a bunch of pre-made veggie sushi (super fancy, I know). And then later, when it was almost dinner time, I shoved the food, a blanket, a sheet, and a Bota Box(ed) wine into my bag. Parked the car, piled out, and started setting up.

Looks perfectly amazing right? Blue skies, food ready, wine ready, a blanket to relax on…

Friends came, more food came, and with it came the clouds, haha. Ohhhhh Florida summer, it’s an interesting adventure. But we decided we wouldn’t let the clouds dampen our party (not yet anyway). (and yes, the pun was intended on that one).

And so the food came out, the wine was poured, and the kids played while we spent time enjoying Florida summer the best we could.

Also, can I say that Bota Box wine is great for a lot of reasons– but my number one favorite reason is that it’s actually a natural + environmentally friendly boxed wine. Like, get this, not only is the entire thing recyclable, but also: the bags are BPA + BPS free. ANDDDD it’s created 85% less landfill waste than traditional glass packaging. And made with 100% post-consumer fiber and printed with VOC-free inks on unbleached recycled paper. All that + more.

Wine for the ladies + Alex (not pictured, cause taking the picture, duh) and water for the preggo. Sorry, Emily, you get to wait a few more months.

And sheer bliss and freedom for the kids who just ran amuck with absolutely no care or worry for the clouds that were 100% looming behind them and ready to let loose.

It’s just that— the rain is inevitable here. And, I mean, we need the rain, obviously— it gives us life. And as much as I complain or have complained about it, I know that I have two options: whine and be miserable about something I have no control over OR enjoy all the moments in between and during the rain and make the absolutely best out of it. So wine over whine won this time.

Looks adventurous, right?

We didn’t finish our dinner at the beach— we quickly drank our glasses of wine, packed up the food, ran to get the kids, and quickly made our way to the car.

Or…. Emily went to grab the kids and I picked up seashells– same difference 😉

And we headed out… and turned the party inside. We came back to my messy home (it’s a balance between perfectly clean and a completely disorganized show lately) and opened the wine right back up and set the to-go dinner back out on the coffee table to enjoy the evening a completely different way. The rain came down and we were cozy inside, with wine, food, and friends. And you know, it was good. Really good.

I guess thats the thing… (You know theres always a metaphor in there somewhere). You can’t plan everything that happens, but if you’re daring enough, you sure can have an adventure, no matter what comes your way (even the torrential downpours).

I hope you guys made the absolute best out of your weekend. We sure did. It’s been busy over here, but it feels awfully good. <3<3

*this post was sponsored by our friends over at Bota Box.

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