Hello friends!

How are you?!

A video!? Fun, right? Just a few snippets that Celia (CeliaDLuna) took while we were in Mexico together. I normally tense up in front of a camera (hence why videos aren’t a regular thing), but not as much when I’m with Celia. No idea why, but I’ll take it. You can see more of our adventure here. (where we went cave exploring here and where we stayed here)

This week has been raining like crazy– but a really good week. We’ve been back and forth to Miami THREE times– each day its own adventure. Rain or shine, we hit the road. And hey, today the sun came out again! Only for a little bit, but still. It felt like magic.

I’ve been busy busy busy— in between all the adventures (and emails email emails and endless computer to do lists) I’ve been planning a summer trip– we were going to do a big three week trip to Colombia but planning got hard– so we’re just heading north to visit my mom in Massachusetts instead. Nice and easy. And then we’ll be hitting the road to make all of Marlowe’s dreams come true…. Yes, we’re going to Canada. That’s totally every six year old’s dream destination, right? It wasn’t initially planned– but we were thinking of the cool places we could visit from Massachusetts, and Canada really isn’t too far away– only a 5 hour drive or so. So why not?! So we’re making our way into Burlington VT for a quick stop. Then Montreal for a few days. Then we figured, well, hell, lets go to Toronto (none of us have ever been there), and then drive through Niagara Falls, and into the Catskills…. but then we added NYC to the list. I don’t have anything particular I want to do in New York, I really just want to see friends! Aka, we could just keep adding places forever, haha. So yeah, it just sort of easily came together without me having use much energy at all. Now I’m just searching for hotels and book marking all the places I want to eat at 😉 OH! And two days before this whole trip? Well, I’ll be in Chicago! A quick weekend trip to a music festival. Crazy, I know. (Oh, and there are a few days left open in July to rent our home if you guys want to be down here 🙂

I mean, I ALWAYS prefer to visit somewhere tropical over somewhere northern, but a good mix up is nice too. It’s rainy season in the tropics anyway 😉

Anyway, things are good here. Tropical, rainy goodness. I’d love to be in Mexico again, or eating my way through Indonesia, or visiting family in Colombia, or basically anywhere amazing… but really, home is really good too right now.

Rain or shine, I hope you’re having a great week friends. And I hope you have a better weekend ahead of you!

Thanks for being here 🙂

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