First of all thank you guys for all your kind messages on the new site update. I’m so happy you guys like the new page too. Hoping to get out the few glitches you guys mentioned. I have a big to do list happening over here. It’s a constant life rotation, isn’t it?

Yep. I think so, anyway.

This weekend– a short and fast one, but man, what a good one. As I type, I’m in the middle seat of a rather shaky plane. Currently listening to music that makes me endlessly nostalgic and hands clammy from flying nerves, dry from travel. I’m between two people I really care for. All three of us wearing Hawaiian shirts, for no other reason than it being hilarious to us. Every trip I’ve been on with Celia has been a good one. Or actually, a great one. I think it’s easy for people to see how well we get along. “How did you guys meet?” is a question often asked after a few minutes of our laughter. (she emailed me to take photos, came over, and we made her Indian food. love ever since). It feels good to often look up, catching my breath from a burst of giggles and find that people are also laughing with us. Or maybe at us— but it really doesn’t matter. They feel happiness too. She’s snoring now. Another thing we laugh at often. But just a few minutes ago she was holding my hand oh-so-tightly as the plane bounced around on it’s way into the clouds. I’m grateful for friendships like these. Life wouldn’t be as wonderful without them.

I feel worn. Exhausted, dirty, and so happy. Like a good pair of your wear-everyday-favorite jeans. And I leave for Massachusetts in less than 48 hours. I’m thinking about packing for my next trip, before this one even ends. It’ll be a good trip, but I wish this one wasn’t ending. The energy, the people, the laughter. I was caught with a goofy smile on my face often this weekend. I couldn’t help but to laugh, every so often with my head  re-living moments that happened minutes or hours prior.

I turned around often to find Nick’s phone in my face, documenting so many of simple adventures. I’m not sure of half the footage he filmed, but I’m sure it captures a good bit of the fun. I’m grateful for creative friends who not only make my life fun, but also capture the fun. And I’m so so SO grateful that this is not only life, but this is work for me. The fact that I get to travel with people I love (for work) is beyond amazing to me. I’ve overused, “grateful” by now, but man, I’m so thankful.

I was caught in a whirlwind when I looked up in a sandy, dusty haze to find a friend from over a decade ago. A friend who I only have positive feelings for– someone I loved and love. I can’t remember the last time I experienced a longer, more excited hug. And with a camera in Celia’s hand, every second of this surprising, once in a life time moment was captured.

A pure rush of happiness surged over me time and time again on this trip.

And as I type, the plane keep shaking. Everyone around me is seemingly unaware of the fear I’m feeling. Calm, cool, collected— something I’ve called often. And something so far from my current emotions and state of being on this plane. I’m scared. I always am in these situations. Though, maybe a terrible one, “life is short”– is a constant mantra in my everyday life. I’m just trying to take in every good moment that I can, because I don’t know how long each will last or how long my life will last. None of us do. And maybe I focus more on the insecure time frame of life more than most, I’m not sure. But I’m truly grateful to be living in this wild ride. All the ups and the downs. I want to experience and grow from it all.

This weekend was something so simple, but something I’ll always inwardly replay and smile (and laugh) about.

top photo by my friend Nick Mohnacky. second photo by my favorite lover girl Celia D. Luna.


  1. There was a moment while we were dancing reggae that I looked at you and I felt incredibly happy (and thankful!) that you were dancing with me. You looked so adorable and so happy and I was like “man, I love this girl!!” <3333 #gayforyou

  2. Can you please do a post on dealing with plane fears. I’m so scared to fly 🙁