Vegan Cheese! Amazing or what?! I get a lot of questions about transitioning to being vegan + cheese / vegan cheese— and a lot of people might be surprised to hear me say, “vegan cheese is gross.” It’s true it is, mostly. But (and this is a big “but”) then I need to follow up my own statement with— “well the store bought vegan cheese stuff is…. BUTTT  you can make your own delicious cheese substitutes for sure!” And then I offer up the one cheese recipe I have and hope that my answer has filled the need well enough. But the thing is, my one vegan recipe does not make up for all the different flavors, textures, and uses of cheese out there. I wish it did, but I know it doesn’t 🙂 BUT! Thats okay! Because LOOK AT THIS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL BOOK.

VEGAN CHEESE! Guys, I’m so happy about this book– for myself anddddd for all the people who are looking to cut out dairy but wanting to fill the void with rather tasty, healthy treats. I’m a huge believer in the fact that dairy is so incredibly bad for us. Especially the processed stuff you buy at the store. I know first hand the problems that dairy can cause and I’ve seen it with so many people around me. The difference is HUGE when people decide to cut out dairy from their lives. HUGE. I know 5 people who decided to finally cut it out (or slowly attempt to) this month alone. And not only do I know first hand the health benefits of this– but I know first hand hard incredibly hard it can be to break the dairy addiction and give up cows milk cheese.

*For the record, goats milk is closer to human milk than cows. And I’ve heard the closest milk to human milk is actually camel milk. Not sure if thats actually true or not though, haha. Camel milk, anyone? Nah. Also (and this one is true—) human breast milk actually is low fat (3-5% fat), low protein, high sugar mixture. And (super interesting, especially in terms of my own diet) according to The Journal Of Animal Ecology, carnivorous species are thought to produce milk higher in fat and protein. While herbivorous species produce milk with higher sugar and lower fat and protein. Neat, huh? Okay… I’m doing that thing where I digress again. Let’s continue…

This book is beautiful and amazing. I think it would be a great gift for basically ANYONE. Vegan or not. Because even if you’re not planning on cutting out dairy anytime soon, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat less of it or eat better for you options instead, you know? AND! One of my favorite things? SO many vegan cheeses are usually nut based. (Nut allergies, booooo). But Jules has such a good mix of nut based cheeses, seed based, and veggie based cheeses too! So it’s not just vegan friendly, but everyone friendly. I support this.

I met with Jules, the author of this amazing book the other day. Well, full disclosure, she came here, because I’m a hermit. But anyway… she’s the sweetest lady ever. And the creator of beautiful books for sure. You can check out her first book, Zen and Tonic here. It’s nice meeting with other like minded local vegan + organic cookbook creators in the area 🙂

But wait! It’s gets better! Do you want to hang out and eat vegan cheese and maybe drink some wine together? I mean, I won’t be drinking wine– but you can! Jules is hosting a book launch party (yes, I still never did that for my own book) this week in Lake Worth Florida! Come hang out, drink wine, eat (vegan) cheese, and get a signed copy of the her new book too! Yay!

Check out the event info and details HERE. You can also reserve your spot so Jules knows how much cheese to make 😉 You can also check out the event on Facebook if you prefer that (I personally dislike Facebook, but whatever). And of course, if you’re not local and aren’t going to party with vegan cheese in South Florida– then you can just buy the book and have a party with vegan cheese and wine at home 😉

Oh and if you ant to give Jules a follow on Insta, she’s really the sweetest 🙂 And Canadian, eh.

Alright, I’m off friends! Going to try to take a nap and maybe leave the house for something other than the beach today 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

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  1. Laurali Star

    I would love to read this, though I guess I’m one of the rare few, who actually like vegan cheese from the store, lol. I’m looking for ways to go more natural though, so this would be great 🙂

    ~Laurali Star