How are you friends? I’m good. I’ve been feeling pretty healthy and happy lately. I’ve been busy, but not over worked. I’ve been a hermit, but not lonely. I’ve been overall… well, pretty good. I feel like I have truly learned to balance. I know I’ve talked a lot about balance through the years in this space, but I think I’ve mostly figured it out. Sure, there are def. those moments when I look around and think, “things are getting hectic”… but it’s fine. I just push through for a little bit longer… then pause.

It’s working… For now anyway 🙂

I mean… as I say all this I wonder… how long will it truly last? (hopefully forever, right?). I want to keep going on this route, but even right now… I’m looking to sign up for more. And every time Alex looks at me and asks “are you sure you can handle one more thing?” and every time I (somewhat reassuringly) say, “yeah, I think so.”

Maybe, right?

I think the biggest difference to this change has been slowing down. Learning that there are certain things with very strict deadlines, sure, but also, for most things, I don’t have to hit the panic button. It will get done at it’s own pace and thats fine. You know?

Since getting sick I’ve given myself permission to pause. Permission to slow down. Permission to be more gentle with myself. Life is short and I have a big to do list, but I also have little moments around me that I don’t want to graze right over either. I want to remember all the little things. And it’s hard to do that when you’re just zooming from one task to another. I work on being mindful everyday. Of every action I take. Of every word I say. Of every thought I have. It helps.

And things feel better. They feel good.

Just like my own mindfulness, I’m happy to say that Athleta is now making more mindful, sustainable clothing. And it’s oh so comfy too. Seriously, I’ve live in these black pants since they arrived in the mail. I made a promise to myself (and to you guys too really) that I would only be buying more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. And really, I’ve kept to it. It helps when so many other companies are making it a point to move their companies to more sustainable practices as well.
Little steps, right? Also, can I say, I’ve never been the type to want to live in yoga clothes… but now I get it. These clothes are seriously on another level of comfort. All I want is to (mindful) move in the right direction everyday.

I went from overworking and over pressing myself every single day and night to allowing myself time to breathe. Taking care of my body and my mind is productive too. I know that now. I know things are easier said than done, but moving into a more mindful life is certainly attainable. I hope you guys decide to take a moment for yourselves to just breathe… to slow down. You deserve it 🙂

This post is sponsored by Athleta + they’re new sustainable Restore collection 🙂
photos by brittany dejesus


  1. Hi Drea, Recently you had some posts sponsored by Crocs. Could you explain how they are eco-friendly? I always thought of them as just plastic shoes and obviously plastic is not considered eco-friendly. Are they made from recycled plastic? I’ve been curious about this ever since Crocs showed up on your blog. Thanks.

    • Andrea

      Hi! SO late to this– sorry! I meant to to do it before and got swept up in tasks. From what I remember, from forever ago, theres a lot of croc-recycling programs out there. But I’ll have to give it a google to find the articles/places again! Also, for me, I’ve seen them go through generations like crazy. Like, handed down to Marlowe, down to her niece, another niece, and then STILL in good condition to be passed down to friends kids. So after they’ve been used pretty well, you can send them to the companies that recycle them again.