We’ve arrived!

A one hour drive to Fort Lauderdale. A two and a half hour plane ride to Guatemala City. A three-four hour (I lost count) van ride to Panajachel. A 10 minute boat ride (filled with Marlowe’s tears) to our hotel. And we’re here, a temporary home for our now nomadic family on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Our first (travel) day went as smooth as it possibly could have gone. Our other visits to Guatemala have been the same, smooth. I had beaten myself up all week for the amount of luggage we brought (three large suitcases, and two small ones). And while I know this isn’t necessarily excessive for a family to travel with for a year travel, it sure did feel this way. I feel like this whole thing is already testing me. Like, I thought I would be better at living with less and parting with more, but every time I packed… and re-packed my suitcase I still found it hard to let go of the added “just in case” sweaters or “just in case” socks. But after about a month here, I should be able to better reevaluate what we need and don’t need and give what we don’t. 

We’re currently in our room, we’re a bit chilly, but going to get dressed to for breakfast soon. I woke up before Marlowe this morning and crawled into her bed. The first words out of her mouth were, “its cold. Are we going to do a meditation class?” And I reminded her that there was a giant volcano behind her and she smiled so big. The amount of “Ooooohhs”, “WOW’s”, and “WHOASSSS” out of her has pleased me to no end. We’re really living in a dream world now. It still doesn’t feel real.

But we’re doing it. We’re here.

27 hours or so in Guatemala and we’re desperately itching to explore. We still have that “must see it all mentality” even though we’ll be here for indefinite amount of time. But maybe it’s because we’ve never been to this lake before— and its beautiful beyond belief. I mean, we knew it would be, but jeez, it’s a dream space.

“Land of the eternal spring” is the perfect and fitting description for this place. They weren’t wrong naming it that. I’ve taken tons of videos and taken a bit of photos of this dream place too. I can’t wait to share them all with you. The wifi is a bit slow here, but I’m hoping get some photos edited and share more in the next few days.

I’m thinking maybe even doing a live Insta story once we get into better wifi too 🙂 Cheers friends! Thank you for being part of this crazy journey! Talk soon!


  1. Meghan Campbell

    Woohooo!! You guys look pleased as punch. Way to go! ❤️