Hi guys– sorry for the crickets. It’s been a crazy week/month for me. If you guys follow me on instagram, then you know, we’re out of Antigua and back in Florida. Only for the week though— then we’re off again. We’re heading to the Caribbean for another week and then figuring it all out. I hope to explain everything a bit more when I have the energy and brain power… but for now I just wanted to pop in and say “Hi!” — let you guys know that I am okay— we’re all okay, we’re just going through a shift in plans.
Sometimes life changes and you just gotta go with it– and that’s exactly what we’re doing it. We’re not sure what the big picture will look like for us, but we’re all totally happy and okay going forward. Physically I am doing a bit better than I was in Antigua! So that’s good! Elevation + a combination of a few things I’m sure. Oh and my tooth (or lack of) is doing great! So that’s good.
I know I had mentioned the decline in my health after I had my root canals done— but did I mention the increase in my health when I got my tooth removed? It’s true. My health started improving a lot when I had the first root canal removed. I’m hoping that the removing of this second one also helps my health jump even further up. Definitely the two biggest factors in my health improvement post c. diff was switching my diet (to a high carb low-fat diet) and removing my first root canal-ed tooth. Lets see what happens from here.
Anyway, I’m rambling. I swear I’ll catch you guys all up on all the life details soon. Gonna take the rest of the week to catch up with friends and family… and my best friend: sleep, haha. Then I’ll be back full on in action on the blog!
I hope you guys are doing well. Lets catch up soon, eh? Cool. Thanks. <3

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  1. Maybe you’ll see this comment, I was too nervous to DM you on Instagram. I was just wondering if you have any recommended reading about the root canal stuff, I really want to get my tooth removed now because of your posts. I feel like the dead tooth is causing me depression or something. So yeah, if you have any links to articles or books you read about it I would really appreciate it! Thank you