How are you friends? I hope you’re all wonderful. Like, so wonderful you could burst, haha. One can dream, right? Side note: my computer just auto-corrected “dream” to “Drea” — so close. I wanted to share photos from our trip to Panajachel. It’s a small town on Lake Atitlan (the town you’ll probably go through if you ever visit the lake). And it’s pretty cute… and undoubtedly Guatemalan 🙂 The streets are dusty, the handicrafts are plentiful, and the people are so kind.

This was actually our first stop when we arrived to Guatemala–we had stayed just opposite of Pana on the lake, a quick boat ride away. We only really visited Pana for the one day, but we do hope to make our way back in the future some time. Only time and life will tell. It’s very standard for the Mayan women to pimp out hair wraps to tourists.

And if you remember from my first visit (which includes on of my favorite photos ever of Marlowe) well, we’re a sucker for hair wraps. I think I mentioned this but it’s because I asked my dad for a hair wrap every time we traveled to the Caribbean islands. I wanted one SO bad! And he always said no! With Marlowe it’s always yes now 😉 This one only lasted a few days in her hair until she asked to take it out… so I guess the hair wrap phase came and left quickly for her, haha.

Look! We bought a restaurant too! Haha, kidding of course. But I was amused.

These flowers. They kill me. I feel like blue flowers are so rare! I mean, I’ve seen hydrangea of course. But these cats claw looking ones dangle a foot down and so freaking impressive.

I majorly regret not buying pillow cases now. Also, random: Alex is constantly like, “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT WORD IN SPANISH?” Fact: I do know the strangest vocab words–and I don’t know why. Ever need to know the word for ‘thread’? or maybe ‘pillow case’? how about ‘peach’? maybe you need to know how to say ‘flea’ in spanish— well, man oh man, I got you covered.
I wish we saw the church when it was decorated and not when they were taking it down <3

Main mode of transportation: tuk tuks, chicken busses, and the back of pick up trucks.

Marlowe’s dream coming true in one photo. She eats about 20 a day… and she would probably eat more, but man, we always buy about 20 and think it’ll be enough, but it never is!

happy earth day.

We had lunch in a cute restaurant. Marlowe had a sandwich, so she was happy as can be haha. Id link it, but I can’t remember the name for the life of me! It was on the Main Street (Santander) closer to the water.

Then we stopped for drinks at Cafe Loco. Where we met the owners wife, who I had wanted to meet for some time! She’s awesome. They even invited us to our first Korean Thanksgiving…. in Guatemala. But we’ll be back in the states then. Why Korean Thanksgiving? Well, if you guys didn’t know this, there is actually a large population of Koreans in Guatemala. And if you were lucky enough to be married to me, then you would be getting links of info about this at 4 am when I can’t sleep and start googling random things…
And then of course… the oh so bumpy lancha (boat) ride back <3<3

Alright guys, I’m off. We’re heading to the beach this weekend– it’s about an hour and a half or two hours from Antigua. It’ll be my first time visiting a black sand beach. We’re hoping for some fun, sun, and a serious dose of vitamin D and vitamin sea.Like I said, I hope you guys are doing amazingly well! Have a great weekend <3

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