I feel like a terrible blogger, but I’m completely and totally struggling hard this week month. It’s been rough. I’ve been rough. I’ve been mostly bed bound and trying not to be too hard on myself. But no matter how much space and time I can make for myself to read a book, or take a moment, I’m still not one of those people that’s good with… nothing. Good with… lying around day and night.

But it’s Monday. And it’s a new week and I’m hoping that this week is better than the last. The good news is that my tooth hasn’t been hurting that much. I haven’t had to take a pain-killer of any sort. (I didn’t with my last tooth extraction either). I’m just having hard time getting food in. Food is already hard enough for me, but then add in two missing molars and Guatemala and whatever else, and I’m screwed.

But again, new week. New start.

I have a ton of posts and things I want to write about, but I just don’t have the energy. So I thought I’d continue to share some photos from our family trip to Colombia. We headed for an overnight visit to Villa De Leyva. Have you guys been? Have you even heard of it? It sort of reminded me of Antigua— but instead of everything being colorful, it was white white white. We were lucky to find atlas one veg/vegan restaurant in town– so we ate well. And with the exception of the occasional fried egg, Alex has held strong to the vegan thing. I’d say he’s 97% vegan now 😉

The town was super beautiful. A bit quiet… but that s probably because we visited it the day after a giant kite flying festival weekend. Part of me wanted to go for the busy weekend, part of me was happy we decided to go after and take it slower. The weather is also very similar to Antigua. Cold cold cold at night. Chilly in the shade. But oh so warming and nice in the sun.

The church in the main square + these two.

The restaurant we found was called Savia. I don’t think they actually have a website (most places don’t), but it was really good and had a ton of vegan, veg, and gf options. I could totally eat here right now.

Porch of my dreams. 

The square. I imagine this was PACKED with kites and people the day before. What about you guys? Are you guys cool with traveling a to crowded places? Or do you prefer quiet, dusty towns? We actually typically travel to places in off-season. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, but I’m not a big crowd lover. We also prefer to travel in off-season.

Not that you have to do that with Colombia… Colombia is REALLY inexpensive to travel to. Our most expensive meal was 30$ for the three of us. And that was really high. Most meals were half of that. And that usually included a beer for Alex and a tea for me.

We’ll definitely be visiting Colombia again. Hoping to visit some of the warmer regions there too. And maybe bring more vegan friendly snacks, haha.

Alright friends. I’m going try to shower and get myself out of the house today. I did it for about an hour or two, two days ago, but that was it. We’re figuring out life over here, adjusting plans, making plans, planning trips, doing all the things. I hope to really fill you guys in to life outside of me in bed soon. Thanks for being here <3


  1. Yes! I loved this town when I visited a few year ago! Another gorgeous town I never wanted to leave was Barichara…absolutely amazing. I took a bus from Cartagena and worked my way to Bogota, such a beautiful country.

  2. Charlotte

    Hi Drea! I’ve been wanted to visit this town for ages but haven’t because it seems hard to get to from other major cities in Colombia. How did you travel there? Car, bus?