I am maybe the worst photo taker ever. Not because I can’t take a photo– I think I can. I mean, I can’t tell you what aperture means, but I know angles and lighting– and I think that’s about half the battle 😉 But I take 100 hundreds of photos a week– and I have a small handful printed— maybe.

This year I’m changing that.

This year I’m making photo books to document our adventures. And gosh guys, I have to tell you: I could not be more happy with them. Photo printing companies can be so hit or miss– it’s really hard to tell the quality of print you’re going to get. But we are SO pleased with Mixbooks! The photo quality came out amazing! We all oooohed and aaaaahed when they came to the door. The photos seriously look so nice. And it’s so freaking neat to have them put together in a little book to document each place we’ve visited this year so far.

With Mixbook You can plan everything and more when creating your books. And make the books as simple or as detailed as you want! I’m a more or less is kind of gal and let the photos speak for themselves– opting for full size photo pages often 🙂 And I only added text on the cover and a little not on the back. Namaste, guys.

You can add text on or below each photo if you’d like– full on journaling on the the books– but hey, that’s what this blog is for for me. So the Mixbook photobook— was just for that: magical memory filled photos.

Organic black tea anyone?

Love love love this double page of my friend Lisa and I. We’re perfectly split in the middle– but you can still see us fully.

I told you: I really like the full page photos! But they look so good! Mixbooks will also let you know when a photo you upload isn’t the right size, so you don’t have to worry about your books printing poorly. You can just resize it to a smaller option or upload a new photo.

Memories from France.

Oh! And they don’t just have photobooks! They have a ton of printing options. Cards, calendars, and more! We got a canvas print of our favorite photo of Marlowe! I found this photo recently in a lost folder and died a little– it’s just so sweet. And now it’s no longer tucked away on a file like all my other thousands of photos– now it can hang proudly in our home. Well, for now it’s in my mom’s home— but you better believe we’re taking it with us, haha.

Mixbooks is seriously amazing. I’ve seen some mediocre photo printing companies– but this is totally not one of them. We’re all super happy with these new memory treasures. I seriously cant wait to make more and document everything else!

ps. Mixbook has amazing discounts allll the time! Check out all their current sales HERE!

Happy photo-journaling friends!

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