I accidentally opened up i-movie the other day (I think that’s what the app is called) and I realized that I had put together little clips from our move to Guatemala— and then not long after, I completely forgot about them. I mean, it makes sense, our lives got hectic. We went through all of life’s motions and ups and downs… and posts I intended to put together are still in drafts from months ago.

Putting together this video was never a must do on my list. I like having short videos from time to time, but their never a priority. I mean, it was for me to keep and hold, but I was never thinking of making a full video for the blog. And so, I hit publish– little clips of the time we picked up and moved to Guatemala— put together and unfinished. Much like our story, I guess.

Alex looked at my yesterday and said, can you believe we’re in March? Can you believe we went on the cruise in November? That we went to Guatemala five months ago? It doesn’t feel this way. Time just keeps moving. Sometimes it does feel like we’re thriving– but when I look around and realize I have no real and direct plan, it just feels more like surviving. One day soon we’ll make a new plan and it’ll fully feel like we’re in charge of our lives once again. Or not, but I’m sure any sort of direction will feel better than limbo.

For now, I’m living in an emotional place where I work on finding joy in the scary bits of life– the unknown.

I landed back in Massachusetts last night. I have Marlowe by my side. And Alex will be joining us in a few days. We wont be here long. We’re packing up all our things and heading out. We have no idea where we’re going next. All we know is that we’ll be together, with the same 3-5 luggage, and with an intense hope to find adventure and sunshine.

Hope you guys had an amazing week. I can’t explain how great this last week was in New Orleans. My health is okay. And I feel pretty good and excited about all the posts I have coming your way from the questions you’ve asked. But for now, my focus the next two days is on spending time with my little monkey that I missed so much this past week.

Cheers friends! Thanks for being here with me… no matter where I physically or emotionally am.

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