Hi friends, how are you doing? You know, last week was a tough week for me. Still not feeling great, but trying to work with what I got for sure. Going to sit down and finish up posts for this week. We’re planning on doing a little three-day vacay. I’m hoping that fresh air and sunshine does the trick. We have been outside a bit more. The weather has gone from unbearable to tolerable for sure. And I’m grateful for it. Here are photos of moments collected from recent joyful moments 🙂

Them in their element. Him in the garden. Her at the sea.

Home base life.

I half joke, but I’m half serious when I tell people that I want to make shirts that say, “west palm is trying” — our city is seriously lacking in activities. A bunch of the other cities around us still have markets in summer, ours closes. A drive downtown shows closed buildings. And most open buildings are bars or half their restaurants. We make our way south for better activities. But still, we try. Here are two photos from a girl date day. Where Laura, Marlowe and I basically just walk around wandering trying o find something of interest.
She doesn’t have a fun time with her cousins at all…. She loves these boogers.

I love this booger. Grateful to be here, in this place, physically and emotionally with him.

Her half smile.

Fan of these tiles. Simple, not fancy, but nice. If we end up using cement in our living room, we’ll probably place random tiles here and there.
A garden adventure.
Her first time roller skating. I was so nervous that she would go and have a frustrating or difficult time not knowing how to skate. But no, she was freaking amazing. She blows me away every day. She put on her little skates and went for it. Forever a proud mom.
Also fun— I grew up going to this rink. Weird but cool to be back at it 20+ years later. Everything still looks the same.

I posted this on instagram, but wanted to post it here. Sometimes you just gotta take a parking lot photo together <3<3


Happy Monday friends! Have a great week!


  1. It looks like y’all had an amazing week! I feel you on the “there’s nothing to do here” thing, though; I’m not from WPB, but my own location’s very similar: Nothing within 100 miles, therefore necessitating at least an hour’s drive in any given direction. But we survive!

  2. Awe, you guys make such a cute little family. I hope things get better for you soon. I wonder if it’s just the time of year we are in. I know everything feels really in between here (from Florida too). Fall, even Florida fall, can’t come fast enough! 🙂

    ~Laurali Star