Hola friends! How are you? Currently sitting in a dark room in our apartment in Mexico City. I’m debating on grabbing my camera + camera-y things to upload a bunch of photos on my computer. Real exciting, I know. This last week and a half or so has been good. Really good. I know my last post was a bit all over the place— emotional. And well, I’m feeling less emotional now. More stable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have feelings flowing— those things don’t go away in my body, but things are good. This time away has been a wonderfully challenging time in growing. I’m appreciative of it. I’m grateful that I can take in these lessons at 33.

Side note: I almost typed 32. But I’m 33. And in a few days, 34. I’ll never get my age right.

Marlowe and I really enjoyed our time in San Pancho. It was such a great trip. She made so many new friends. And had amazing experiences on her own. I got to see Brian, one of the most important people in my life. And I’m so so so happy that my friend Raha decided to join in our adventure. It’s been AMAZING spending some super girly time with her. Grateful for all of it.

Honestly, when it was time to leave, Marlowe and I DID NOT want to. At all. Marlowe asked multiple times if we could stay and asked why we had to go home. I was hesitant about Mexico City. I knew it was somewhere I wanted to visit at some point. But you know, it’s a city. I’m just not into city life. Especially after an amazing week of being mostly barefoot on the beach. But despite our hesitancy, we boarded the plane and made it here.

If I’m being honest, I cried before take off. And about a third or halfway of the flight. But it was good. Marlowe asked me if I was scared (there was no turbulence). And I told her no, sometimes people just need a release. And I did. It was good.

Mexico City has exceeded our expectations. I mean, this city is huge, so really we’ve hardly seen any of it. But we’ve really enjoyed what we’ve seen so far. The energy is so much better than most cities we’ve been too. So much more our pace– relaxed. I expected so much hustle and bustle. And I’m so grateful to not find it.

My only problem with Mexico City has been the elevation. You guys know that Bogotá was rough on me. I didn’t even think to check the elevation of Mexico City. In my head it could be no more than 5,000 feet max. But really I expected somewhere in the 2,000-3,000 range. But no! We’re 7,400 feet up in the air! Who knew? I mean, probably a lot of people. And it was a super novice mistake of me to not research. But it’s okay, we’re making it through.

You know, nothing in this trip has been planned or researched. I didn’t even buy my return ticket home until yesterday. When Raha, Marlowe, and I showed up at the airport a few days ago, Marlowe asked, “what airline are we flying?” and Raha and I both had no idea, haha. We just knew the time. To say this trip has been lax and easy would be an understatement.

It rained today, but otherwise the weather has been beyond perfect. Food has been great too. But it’s a city, so that makes sense. We’ve walked A LOT. And enjoyed each day so far.

I’ve bought so many goodies on this trip. Little things here and there to make a new space a home. I’m very happy with the collection of items I’ve acquired. Each carefully chosen with love. Looking forward to arriving home and sharing the love with Alex. Every piece was purchased with his voice in my brain, haha. I hope he loves it all as much as I think he will.

Alright friends. Sorry I haven’t been super active this week. I do have a ton of posts in drafts and a ton of blog pots ideas brewing though, I swear! I thought I would sit down more to write, but I feel like my time with my far away friends is so so so incredibly limited, that I’ve really just wanted to soak in every single moment I could. Repetitive, but I’m grateful.

Marlowe and I fly home Thursday morning. Friday I have a date night with Alex. And then, well, the rest of the month feels like it’ll be super busy. We’ll see. <3

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