I should probably start this post with saying that I’m not a huge movie buff. I mean, love documentaries and trashy tv shows, but its rare that I can really get into a good movie. That being said, I still have a few movies I really love. And I thought maybe since you guys were so helpful in recommending movies and shows to me the other day that we could try a post on a newer topic around here 🙂

These movies are some of my favorite off-beat, a bit weird, but super dreamy movies that I have fallen in love with at one point of my life or another. They’re a bit whimsical, and maybeeee (okay definitely) a bit weird. But they’ve got their charm and I love them so much. They’re definitely top of my movie list 🙂 So here we go!

ps. I’ll totally try to link these in as many places as I can, but being that they’re a;; a bit older and a bit offbeat, they’re a bit hard to find free and streaming  🙁 But I think they’re definitely worth the rent or buy regardless!

Five Dreamy Movies To Watch

The Science of Sleep.

Quirky, weird, basically how my brain works when I lay down to sleep each night.  A love story featuring the very handsome Gael Garcia Bernal. It’s French. Need I say more? Haha. (watch trailer here)

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The Fountain

Maybe my favorite movie of all time. Well, my favorite serious movie– because I definitely have favorite comedies and kids movies too. But this is my favorite serious movie out there. I recommend it often, but I’m always surprised by how little people have heard of it. It’s definitely a bit out there– but ties in so many ideas that touch me in some way– love, mayan culture, tumors, living forever, time, and more. It seems a bit all over the place, and maybe it is, but in the best way. It’s not as light-hearted as some of the other movie recs on this list, but it certainly touches on the dream / whimsical aspect of the list. (watch trailer here)

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

I feel like most people have seen this– but if you haven’t please watch it. I’m actually not a big Jim Carey fan — but I LOVE this movie. It’s a great break up /heart-broken film too– without being overly sad or depressing. It’s cleaver and certainly dreamy. I’m adding this to my watch again soon list too. (watch trailer here)

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Stranger Than Fiction

Love this film! Alex and I haven’t seen it in YEARS, but we still quote it from time to time. It’s so cute and fun. Not a typical role for Will Ferrel, but definitely a good one. And I LOVE Tony Hale. Love love love him. It’s definitely one of the cheerier films on the list and good for a good rainy day or cozy night in watch with friends or lovers  🙂  (watch trailer here)

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Donnie Darko

A classic. A creepy classic. I watched this a million times in college. Super creepy, super weird, (you can probably tell by the photo above) but totally dream-like (maybe not the best dream, but you get it). I think this is a love it or hate it kind of movie. But I definitely fell in love it. And the soundtrack is 80’s magic too!  It might actually be my favorite part. I had the Echo and The Bunnymen song on repeat in Mexico City. Obsessed. (watch trailer here).

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Alright friends– there you have it a list of my favorite off-beat, mostly dreamy, sort of weird but totally classic movies I love 🙂



  1. Kristina

    Okay based on these movies, you need to watch (of you haven’t seen them) Arrival and Tree of Life.

  2. These are some of my favorites too! I feel like Donnie Darko was Gyllenhaal at his best, or at least most adorable.

  3. Scrolling down like “yup seen it..love it” get to Stranger than Fiction… Shout yeeeesss at phone, immediately search for my DVD of it. Makes me cry every time…I brought you flours, I mean come on, blub!!! Great list. Not sure if you’ve ever seen Les Émotifs anonymes (Romantics Anonymous) it’s a French film about chocolate and it’s brilliant.