Hi friends! How are you guys? I’m trying to hold it together with this packing, moving, renovating, design thing still. I’m guessing in another two weeks everything should settle a bit more– we’ll at least be sleeping in the new place and will have our airbnb done. Any other little things that happen in the apartment after that should be easy. Right? Right. Let’s cross our fingers for that anyway! In the meantime… let’s focus on something relaxing: food! We’ve been eating a ton of salads around here lately! It’s been really great. I feel like salad is really the only thing that keeps me full these days. Otherwise I’ve been a hungry beast for the last four years, haha. I’m just SO happy that Marlowe likes salad too. She’s specific on what type she likes (aren’t we all), but will happily eat the salads she likes everyday. And I’m just so so happy about that. Anyway, here are most of the dinners (and some lunches) she/we ate in the past month (or more). Cheers!

Lentils, sautéed kale, mashed potatoes, topped with a good amount of nutritional yeast. also— can we all rally together and get the name “nutritional yeast” changed. It’s such an unappetizing name. ps. I’d still eat the stuff even if I wasn’t vegan– it’s just loaded in so many vitamins.

Kale and pinto bean tacos… pretty sure there is guac under there too.

pizzaaaaa. I had been very much looking forward to eating this pizza when we got down to mexico. Its made with yuca flour so I can totally eat it. But they messed up our orders twice and then it came out sort of whatever tasting. I had the sad. After Marlowe’s came out wrong, she asked them to put hummus, carrots, and kale on hers…. so technically more of a toast than a pizza? I’ll say it was an off day…. and totally try again next time I got. Obviously.

I think I cook pretty simple meals most of the time… but when we travel, it gets even more basic. I don’t want to go out and buy loads of spices and things so we keep it as simple as we can. tomato, cabbage, carrot soup with chickpeas. Side of crispy tortillas.
Sauce-y sauce noodles. Sort of like a tomato-y Mac and cheese sauce. Nutritional yeast and thyme on top. 
One of her favorite salads: radish salad.

Sliced apples + green smoothie
A veggie shepherds pie made with purple potatoes. Ketchup on the side. Don’t judge. A similar recipe is in the cookbook.
Mashed potatoes and turmeric cabbage and carrots. I think she’s getting sick of cabbage, I’ve been making this a lot lately, but it’s so easy.
Brown rice pasta, and sautéed kale and tomatoes from our garden 🙂

When Alex met me I was a junk food junkie. I was vegan– but still ate all the junk foods. Pizza bagels being one of my absolute favorites. We made them recently. She had vegan cheese, I did not. It just wasn’t the same as my junky pizza from the past. She was very happy though. Served on a dirty salad plate. Cause I made up a salad to start. #fancy.
Salad greens with this dressing, carrots, hummus (made by Alex– the BEST!) and junky GF pita chips. The ingredients listed in these chips was pretty awful– but Alex brought them home and I couldn’t say no to her, haha. Gotta have some junk sometimes, right? Maybe? We’ll say the salad counteracts the chemical ingredients 😉 Also, this hummus, is seriously the best, been on the fence about sharing, since it a more complicated hummus recipe. But it’s so damn good!


Alright friends! My stomach is starting to rumble as I wrote up this post– I’m going to go search the fridge for dinner ideas. I hope you’re well, happy, and feeding both your bellies and your soul. Cheers <3


  1. Pls share the hummus recipe! I’ve tried to make simple hummus many times but I never measure so sometimes it turns out good and sometimes bad lol. Yes to the junk food – occasional junk food makes you happy imo!

    • okay!! Im going to make Alex make it once we are settled! he’ll kill me if I ask in the middle of renovations, haha.

  2. Kelly Bach

    The “new” name for nutritional yeast, as called by another gal I follow on IG, should be nooch! Easy to say, and easy to stick!!