Hi friends! How are you?! I’m fighting off a cold that Marlowe so kindly shared with me. But I can’t complain too much. She hasn’t had an official cold in about 2 years. Random viral fever from the water in Mexico? Yep. Some sort of stomach bacteria in Nepal? Check. But a cold? Nope. So here we are. This week she’s been mostly raw– and I’m not complaining– if that’s what her body is craving, I’m so into it!

This post isn’t from this last week alone– it’s a mix of photos from over a month or two– or maybe even three months time 😉 But you guys know, that’s how it sometimes works 🙂 I’m definitely needing to set up a work desk station in this new apartment to speed up this editing/working progress, my poor little laptop is doing the best it can, haha.

Anyway. Photo above? Know what it is? A REALLY happy child. Marlowe’s favorite food are dosas. We finally took the plunge and bought a crepe pan and attempted dosas. So happy to say it was a huge success. I’m aiming to be 98-99% raw right now– but will take interruptions for a dosa here and there 😉

Dosas (svory lentil/rice crepe– filled with indian spiced mashed potatoes) side of spinach saag. We used a store bought batter mix– I tried to find it online, but could not. A lot of the mixes are not GF or have junk in them– so be wary! This one looks decent though!
Easy pasta. Garden cherry tomatoes, spinach, basil. Brown rice pasta.
Potato cauliflower curry, brown rice, baked okra, avocado. Mmm I love indian food.
Leftover brown rice to make a super easy veg stir fry with spinach, carrots, and cabbage. Easily our most used veg.

“Kids meal” Falafel, brown rice + lentils, broccoli, arugula, fermented cabbage.

Spirulina banana icecream in the sun. You cant taste the spurlina at all like this (though I enjoy the taste).

Cauliflower rice, carrot, cabbage, guacamole on a grain free tortilla.
Sushi sushi. Another favorite of hers. There are perks of your husband or dad working at a sushi resturant.
Spring rolls. Omg– she’s been eating these daily for what feels like weeks on end. With a avocado ginger garlic sauce. Theyre really easy to make and super healthy– so I really cant complain that she asks me to make them everyday.

Quick sauteed kale, vinegar based potato salad, black beans. You may or may not noticed that almost all these posts had beans but it’s become less and less frequent. Pushing more grain free everyday and feeling good about it! 
Veggie shepards pie. We’ve been making it like the one in my cookbook-– except oil and lentil free. Now the base is just veggies. She seems to enjoy it anyway 🙂
Grapes. So many grapes lately. Her favorites are the green. Those were my favorite as a kid too. Now I’m not a fan at all. I like the red 🙂
Taco night. Had my mom over for dinner when she was in town. They all love tacos so it made sense. Guacamole, black beans, sauteed brussel sprouts, roasted caufliwer + sweet potato, and a sweet cilantro sauce. Marlowe had the first three ingredients on a tortilla 🙂
Carrot ginger salad. She still loves it and had three giant bowls this week.

Alright friends! That’s a lot of food 🙂 I’m glad I just ate– or I’d be hungry 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week so far!! Cheers!

ps. Totally added the the word “gluten free” to the title for the first time ever. I feel like I can finally say shes totally gf– unless a gluten accident happens. Woot.


  1. May I ask where the beautiful green dish with the rabbit trim is from? Thank you!

    • I’m not entirely sure– they’re actually my mother’s plates! But I feel like she must have gotten them from home goods!