Hi friends! How are you? It’s currently 9 pm on a Thursday night. I feel both really unproductive, and somewhat productive at the same time. It’s a weird feeling. We have another hurricane coming this way– if you couldn’t tell from the title, haha. It’s not just going to be a whirlwind of a weekend– but a legit hurricane one. Or that’s the latest update anyway.

We’ll see how this storm pans out– but it’s definitely putting a weird vibe in the air. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Or maybe I can… I guess it’s just the tense waiting feeling that’s taking place. This whole *everything gets put on hold* feeling. I mean, on one hand, it’s so great we have so much time to prepare– what a luxury in the world of natural disasters. On the other hand, our entire state gets to play the game of sitting duck.

At this point, we’re not even sure if Marlowe’s school will start on Tuesday like planned. I feel like it might, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t either. Her school orientation was canceled for tomorrow morning already too. She’s bummed. Me too. But we keep reminding ourselves, there are far worse things in the world. And maybe the start of school isn’t going as planned… but it’s going to happen at some point regardless. We’ll just see when.

We’re feeling really good about the fact that we sold our house right about now. I’m crossing all my fingers for those fruit trees we left behind though. I wish I could go save all the fruit right now, but alas, I cant. It’s not mine to worry about anymore. One less worry. (It still feels good.) You know, these things are never for certain, but hopefully, by the end of the weekend, we can step outside with little damage to our personal things. There just seem to be more and more perks to the decisions we recently made.

The subject of water came up the other day. Alex said it’s silly to buy water– that the water has never once shut off during a storm. And maybe he’s right. I really have no idea. I didn’t grow up here like he did. Not really anyway. I wasn’t bothered not buying water. We have a filter anyway– one that we could technically filter rainwater if we wanted (or needed). But then, of course, this morning we got an email saying that our building does actually turn off the water during the storm. What are the chances? Haha. Oof. We’re still not buying water though. We’ll just fill up all the jars and bottles with water for prep. And the tub too, just in case. And we’re good. Right? (Hopefully anyway.)

I’m curious to see what a hurricane looks like from our apartment. Inside and out. Eight stories up, we’ll certainly get a good, hectic view. Honestly, I think the height is what worries me most. Not much else… I think. I’m not sure if I’m fully letting my mind wander into all the “what if’s” right now. Rationally I know the height shouldn’t make much of a difference and we should be fine still. But the overwhelming feeling of seeing a hurricane through glass doors this far off the ground still pokes at me.

And I’m curious to see if it brings out more neighbors… I know they’re out there– but it’s rare to run into them. I think that’s one of the few perks of these things– I feel these storms do tend to bring out a sense of community. Maybe I’ll meet the strangers in my hall for once. Either way, I’m sure it’ll feel quite different from the end of the last storm. I never thought about how different this part of our life would be.

All we can do is hope for the best this weekend… while we sit like ducks. And then, once again, go out in the world and aim for a life of equilibrium. That’s all. I feel like I have so many things in front of me coming up. So many things I was planning for. Prepping for. Slowly building. And I’m hoping this storm doesn’t stall or steal my energy while I wait. I’m hoping I can compartmentalize this storm and spend the next few days doing the things I spent so much time excited about just before.

But right now? This storm just makes me want to nest in my home and leave everything else on the side for now. I want to cuddle up with some projects and tea. Well, if I’m being totally honest, I’d love the couch and a hot fudge brownie sundae. But I’ll take the tea for my health instead. We’ll see how my mood flows, but for now, I’ll be happy if I even accomplish nesting and creative things. No, that’s not true, I’ll be happy regardless of anything I do or don’t accomplish this weekend. Or I’ll try anyway.

Anyway, my mood is weird… if you couldn’t tell. Wish us luck this weekend <3


edit update: It’s Friday now. the storm is now expected to hit Tuesday and be a category 3 or 4. We might end up leaving after all since Alex’s work officially got the shutdown notice and Marlowe’s school was supposed to start the day the hurricane is hitting. We’ll see. Again, wish us luck <3

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  1. I can relate to this post a lot. I know that feeling of waiting and tension in the air you’re talking about all too well. I’m in Rhode Island for the summer (first time ever in New England) and we’re heading back to Florida on the 10th. I can’t wait, but I was really hoping hurricane season would skip us this year, lol. Hope you all have a safe weekend over there!

    – Laurali Star