Hi friends how are you?! Did you see our big news about our estate sale?! Super excited and nervous. I feel good knowing we’re going to part with stuff, but I feel like it’s going to be so hard too! So much work! But I’m ready. (I think, haha).

I’m ready for some big changes coming up. In everything. Life is good, but I enjoy the shift and growth. Also, I find it funny that I discussed minimalism in the video– and the last two weeks I’ve been really struggling with my own ideas (Alex is currently laying out a collection of rugs in front of me trying to decide which ones to keep or part with), but that’s life.

Anyway, life is good. And I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys— but for now, I have to go and get my butt into action– the next 2-3 weeks are going to be BUSY for us!

Video links:

our last video about veganism
poshmark (use code ANDREAMDUCLOS to save $10)
thred up
aru shah book
school of good and evil book
happy kid post


  1. Sandy Huffman

    Just read your C.Diff article from 2016-very informative -My daughter who is 20 years old has just started having symptoms- have any of your recommendations changed since then?

  2. Can you elaborate on what kinds of “bad things” are in vaccines?

  3. Completely unrelated but I wanted to comment about IG. I know you said you don’t seem to have as many views, etc. I have a couple of different accounts on IG and maybe b/c I’m lazy and didn’t want to toggle back and forth, I had taken to just searching for your IG and other bloggers I follow. When I go to the search function, your account and the others I did this for, would show up under “Suggested.” They’ve all been there forever. A couple of weeks ago, your’s disappeared. The others are still there though. The only difference between your account and the others – you are the only verified one and the only one who ever has sponsored content. People keep saying that the algorithm hasn’t changed but I’m not buying it. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

    • That’s super interesting. I feel like I’m being punished by instagram– though I’m not sure what I did wrong?! Maybe they just know how much I dislike the system. When my numbers would drop I used to take it super personal, but lately there have been HUGE shifts— like I know that 8000 people didn’t decide to stop watching my stories in one week. Last month I decided I would start posting more of what I wanted and less of what the algorithm expected to me to post– but now my numbers are so low I’m wondering if I should even spend a minute of my time using the system. But I don’t know, maybe its a good thing– it’s going to make me focus on the personal part of my blog more for sure.

  4. Is Marlowe up to date (or what is considered up to date) on her vaccinations? How does her pediatrician feel about her diet of mostly fruit? I ask these questions because where we live, it is difficult to find a pediatrician who agrees with non-vaccinations or what is considered alternative diets (vegan and fruitatarian) for kids.

    • So, we got really lucky with our pediatrician. Marlowe does not see him regularly by any means– but from the beginning, he’s been very supportive about all our decisions in raising her. He’s never pushed antibiotics or suggested we change her diet. He has seen how healthy she’s been both physically and emotionally and it’s been cool. I honestly don’t remember who recommended him, probably my sister in law, but I would say if you start asking in facebook groups or between friends, someone should be able to rec. someone good!

      Honestly, if we couldn’t have found someone local, I would have traveled to see someone. We drive almost an hour for our dentist. There is one I really like that’s a lot closer, but our insurance doesn’t cover them so it’s worth the drive for us.