This last week has been a bit of what I expected tossed together with a lot of unexpected things too. We went from leisurely exploring Guatemala to quickly packing up our things, leaving our Airbnb, and quickly taking an uber to the city so that we could catch our flight scheduled for the next day. Turns out there were protests announced for the following day which would mean that we would have been stuck in Antigua, with no way to make it to our flight out. We found out this bit of info around 5 pm the following day. So we packed up the last of our belonging, made boxed (gluten-free) pasta with jar sauce (super fancy), filled our bellies and headed out to a hostel within walking distance from the airport with one room left for us to share.

It wasn’t what we had planned for our last night in the country, but it obviously could have been a much worse situation. We were lucky it all worked out how it did. And to be quite honest, the Airbnb we booked in Antigua was not comfortable at all, so we were happy to check out. Honestly, if anything, I felt grateful that everything worked out as it had, without a heads up from friends or the money to pay for easy transport as well as (a rather expensive) hostel stay, we could have missed out on our flight home.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would love to extend my stay in Guatemala (indefinitely), but we knew Alex has to clock back into work… so we made the hustle home. We knew life would be hectic once we got home too. And boy, that part has mostly turned out how we assumed. What we did expect about coming home was me being gluten-ed or inflamed by something else on our last day in Guatemala + Alex catching some sort of random bug a few days into our time home. I’m not sure if it was gluten or something else, but all I know is I am grateful I woke up the last day with the inflammation and not a few days into the trip before. The whole trip actually went really well health-wise. I was super careful– and obviously got a bit too lax each week that passed.

Anyway, despite this, we managed to come home and set up and entire estate sale of our home. And when I say we, I mostly mean Alex. I did most of the work at the home front of our apartment and he did most of the work to prep our home-home for the sale and moving.  The thing is, when we listed our home for sale, we thought it might take a bit of time to sell. We didn’t expect a two day turn around to happen a few days into our trip to Guatemala. So after our hustle from Antigua to Guatemala city to fly home– we had to quickly get everything in order to sell– because in just about a week’s time, we’re closing on the house and saying goodbye to oh dear casa forever.

Our estate sale went incredibly well. I wish I had photos to show you guys– but it was really a whirlwind of a day. All I have to show is a mostly empty house and some screenshots of the stories I shared online while there. I came into the house about 15 minutes before the sale was supposed to begin and in a matter of minutes, people starting coming through the front door. I walked room to room and there was a giant pile of baskets for sale in the morning. The next time I walked into the room (not very long after) the entire of baskets was gone– just like that they all found a home in someone else’s life. Crazy.

A lot of you asked, and we do have a few items left so we do plan to host a second estate sale this week! This coming Sunday actually. We don’t have a set time yet, but I’ll keep you posted– I recommend you come early like the last group mostly did. The stuff that’s left probably won’t last long!

So this week, after our last sale, and during the time that Alex and I have been half useless, we’ve been bringing any other items we want to save from our home into our apartment, organizing these things, as well as the things we brought home from Guatemala. Basically– our “minimalistic apartment” has turned into a fully decorated, colorful, non-minimalistic space in a matter of days. Not our intention, but I also see no point in getting rid of all our beautiful collected things for the sake of minimalism. If it’s cluttered, we’ll work on it, but if we can arrange our favorite collected, pieces, well, then that will be wonderful too.

As you guys know, Marlowe is also starting school this year. Lucky for us, south Florida schools all started this week, but she has an extra month off of school left. Phew. I have a lot of life organizing  I need (would like to) accomplish before this happens. Lucky for me (and maybe for Marlowe too?) she’s doing her first solo trip without me (or Alex) this month. In a few days, Marlowe is boarding a plane to head to Massachusetts to visit my mom. She was perfectly happy to do the plane trip alone, but it just worked out that we have family visiting this week who will fly her up and then family the following week who are flying back down– so she was able to join both of these flights with them. Perfect timing, right? Either way, I love that she feels secure and comfortable enough to get on a plane completely by herself—especially considering that I cried on both flights to and from Guatemala. Thank goodness my flying fears have no affected her in any way.

Our trip to Guatemala was amazing. And while I hate the I hate to get on a plane to get there and dreaded coming home even more— I’m grateful I did it. I’m mostly having a hard time with the reality that I will have to get on a plane to get back there at some point. I really wish I could let go of my control issues and just accept a flight for what it is, but I can’t. Not usually anyway. Sometimes I’m oddly okay– but usually not. This last plane ride home, after my crying was done, I turned and said,” I’m never getting on a plane again.” Marlowe responded, “Yeah, until next month when you decide to book a flight.” Haha. Damn. That’s me in a nutshell.

Gosh okay, I could write for a million more hours. I have so much to say– so many things going on internally and externally. But that’s also me in a nutshell, yah? So I should sign off here and tackle some more of the very long list of errands and home things I have to do this month. I’ll be back soon to post officially times of our last estate sale tomorrow or the next day! But keep Sunday morning open for pretty thing shopping 🙂

Cheers friends!

Ps. I do plan to discuss us leaving our home more soon– when time allows! Oh and I have so many beautiful photos and experiences from this last trip that I cant wait to share too. We just love our time in Guatemala so much 🙂

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